PreK B Ms. Baer

Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten B with Ms. Baer!!!


Happy Sunday!!!!!  Thank you to everyone who sent in such wonderful treats for our St. Patrick’s Day Party!


This week we will be learning about estimating.  Later in the week, we will be solving problems as well as counting and comparing sets.


This week we will be starting our unit on “The Tug of War,” in our Happily Ever After Reading Program.  We will be building our vocabulary with the words, “wide,” “thin,” “up,” “down,” “above,” and “below”.  We will be working on our auditory discrimination by identifying if the beginning sounds in words are the same or different.

Our letter of the week is “U u” and we will be practicing its sound and formation.  We will be exploring our classroom for different items that begin with the letter “U” sound.  We will be creating some crafts that start with the letter “U” such as an umbrella.  How Unbelievable!

This week we will be taking our first look at sight words.  Our sight word this week is the word: And

This week we will be exploring some fun facts about the planet Mars and the planet Jupiter to continue our discovery of outer space. 



This week we will be looking at our “Seeds” Magazine and discussing Sunday’s gospel.  We will be focusing on the theme Jesus and His friends pray together.


This week we will be creating nameplate flowers.


Please visit the Monthly Enrichment link to see what apps we are using on our classroom iPads.  Some fun websites can also be found under Useful Links.



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Important dates for the week of March 19th, 2017:


Friday, March 24th, 2017 school is closed for Teacher Professional Day.

Field Trip Information:

Coming this May our class will be taking a field trip to Old Westbury Gardens.



Please make sure all questionnaire forms, blue emergency cards, and handbook cards have been handed in (handbook cards can be found on the last page of the school calendar).


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