PreK B Mrs. Lynch



Week of November 19th
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Math -  Continue working on a three color pattern.  We will review the numeral 6.   We will introduce the numeral 7.  We will work with unifix cubes to show and count to 7.
We will also play a number bingo game.

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Reading - We will review the letter Ff. We will introduce the letter and sounds the Gg makes.  We will practice tracing and writing the letter Gg.   We will work on our Happily Ever After Reading Program this week.

Image result for social studies clip art We will  discuss and create projects for Thanksgiving.  We will talk about the First Thanksgiving!  We will continue singing Thanksgiving songs and fingerplays this week.  

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Religion - We will spin the globe to determine this week who we are going to pray for.  We will also continue working on our religion magazine. 

Science -We will use different sensory bins to create the letter Gg and the numeral 7. We will also use Play Dough to create the numeral 7. 

Project - We will make Native American Headbands.