PreK B Mrs. Lynch



Week of January 22nd
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Math -  We will review the numeral 14.  We will introduce the numeral 15 this week.  We will use math manipulatives to show these numerals.  We will use unifix cubes to show and count the numeral 15.  We will use pipe cleaners to create the numeral 15.   We will also trace and write the numeral 15.

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Reading - We will review the letter and sound the Mm makes.  We will introduce the letter and sound the Nn makes.   We will continue our Happily Ever After Reading Program.   We will continue working on our alphabet books.

Image result for social studies clip art We will  continue working on our Five Senses Unit. We will identify different senses while using our globe.

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Religion - Students will learn to use their five senses to help others.   We will also continue working on our religion magazine. 

Science - Continue graphing activity where students sort different pictures into the category of sense that they most relate to.
Project - We will make snowy owls this week!