PreK B Mrs. Lynch



Week of March 19th
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Math -  We will review the numerals 15 - 20.  We will use different math manipulatives to count and show the numerals 15 - 20.   We will use Playdough to make and show the value of the numerals 15 - 20.   We will also trace and write  numerals 15 - 20.

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Reading - We will review the letter and sound the Ss makes.  We will introduce the letter and sound the Tt makes. We will read, trace and write the letter Tt.  We will continue our Happily Ever After Reading Program.   We will continue working on our alphabet books.

Image result for social studies clip art We will continue working on our weather unit this week.  We will discuss how weather can change depending on where you live.  We will also discuss several different types of weather.  We will play the weather game.

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Religion - We will discuss how God can help children  care for their family.  Children can assist their family by helping set the dinner table or cleaning up their toys.  We will also discuss how children can care for their pet if they have one.  We will also continue working on our religion magazine. 

Science - We will conduct a science experiment on rainbows.
Project - We will make frogs for our bulletin board.