PreK A Mrs. Noulas

Mrs. Noulas / Mrs. Joyce

WEEK OF 5/14/18

Reading : This week we will introduce the letter and sound the Yy makes. We will continue working on our "Happily Ever after" reading program.

Math : This week we will work on the numerals 1-20.  We will also use pom poms and cubes to show and count the numerals 1-20.   

: We will continue our farm unit.  We will discuss things we might see on a farm and things we did see on a farm.

Science :  This week we will create sensory bins to search for things that begin with the letter Yy.  We will learn about the life cycle of a frog this week.

Religion :  This week we will continue to discuss Jesus's principles and review what we have learned.

Crafts :      We will create a life cycle of a frog project.                            

Reminder: We will be visiting The Green Meadow Farms this Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

Specials :

        Monday - Gym

Thursday- Art (Alternate weeks)
Friday - Library 

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