PreK C Mrs. Noonan

Welcome to PreK C!

Reading : We will introduce Tommy Triangle and Ricky Rectangle. We will learn two new shape poems this week.

Math : This week we will paint green triangles and orange rectangles. We  will review the circle, square, triangle and rectangle shapes.

: We will begin working on our color book this week. We will practice writing our first names.

Science :  This week we will create sensory bins to search for things that are square, triangle and rectangle shapes. We will trace our name using flour in a sensory bin.

Religion :  This week we will continue learning the Hail Mary prayer.

Crafts :  This week we will create a "Shape Mobile" to display in the classroom.                          

Specials: :

        Tuesday - Gym and Library

        Thursday - Art/Computers (alternate weeks)                                                                 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at