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Welcome to our page...We are Pre-Kindergarten A, also known as the Superheroes with Ms. Passarella!

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.~ Mother Teresa

Gym Every Wednesday
Gym every other Tuesday
Library every Tuesday

ALERT: No classes for students this Friday

Parent-Teacher Conferences this week! See you soon! Appointment times were sent home.
Rescheduled afternoon sessions are being held this Thursday. 

Show and Share Fridays- Focus-  Public Speaking and Attentive Listening

Guest VIP Reading Program this week. If a family member would like to schedule a Read Aloud with us during the year, simply send a note to Ms. Passarella. 

~Literacy- Springing into March
Reading books that celebrate the new season!
Vocabulary and Concepts: Long, short
Shape: Circle
Colors: Green, Pink
Auditory Discrimination and Phonological Awareness- Identify same and different word sequences
Letter Identification: Qq, Rr

Please also review our Scholastic Newspaper with your student. We do the big book version in class. You will find them once or twice a month in your child's folder. Kindly complete the pages with your child. They are to be kept at home and placed in your child's home library for review and fun. Students will be exposed to rich, developmentally appropriate text and activities for Reading Readiness. This enriching newspaper is interdisciplinary.  

Writing numerals  12, 13 
Continuing to add numbers with sums to 10

Review all shapes studied to date.
Review:  vertical, horizontal, diagonal
Review: Counting forward and backward 1 - 15 

Explore the shapes around you that make up our wonderful world.
Focus Words: angles, lines, symmetrical, asymmetrical 

 Review: oval, star, diamond, circle, rectangle, square and triangle

~Science- Biology with a focus on good health/Focus on the brain this week!

~Social Studies-
In and Around the Land
Focus on landforms this week
Focus words: land, hill, lake, mountain, ocean, plain and river 

March is Women's History Month

~Religion- Faith Focus: 

We Pray with Our Church Family

God always shares his love with us. We show our love for others when we share with them. 

-Focus on the art of Georgia O'Keeffe
-Create spring flowers and more

Looking Ahead: May trip to Old Westbury Gardens which will include a workshop and picnic...more details in the spring. 

Again a Special thank you to all the VIP Readers who are signing up to visit our room and share a great book!!!!! VIPs, Please email me if you would like a picture of your class visit :)

Friendly Reminder
Be sure to look at our school calendar weekly.

Please remember to check your child's "Travel" folder for notes. Kindly place all notes for Ms. Passarella in the "Travel" folder. 

If your child is ordering pizza on Wednesdays, kindly place the coupon in student folder. 

Kindly put your child's snack in a labeled plastic baggie. 

If your child has an allergy to a certain food or foods, please send in a treat on the day of our celebrations for your child. You will be notified in advance about future celebrations on this page. If your child has a birthday celebration coming up, please send in a note a week in advance.

All in A Love Supreme,

Ms. Passarella

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