Pamela Mulderrig             N-4  

         Hello to parents, grandparents, and relatives. I am Pam Mulderrig your 3-Day Nursery Teacher.  I am a New York State certified teacher and have I taught Nursery and Pre-K for the past 6 years.  I am an active parishioner of  St. Agnes Cathedral, in the Diocese of Rockville Centre.  I am a Eucharistic Minister, Host Parent for Baptismal Ceremonies, and a member of the Cathedral Chorale.   I volunteer extensively in support of my church and my husband and I have insured that our children have had the benefit  of  a  Catholic School Education.    I possess  a thorough understanding of the Catholic school philosophy and its mission. My objective is for every child to go home happy and feeling loved by  our Lord Jesus, every day.

         My goal is for your children to possess the readiness skills to succeed in school and to advance their educational ability. In Pre-K there are common core standards set by the State of New York. Children interact with peers and adults, in an encouraging and supportive environment, for the purpose of negotiating meaning as well as exploration and discovery. A primary approach to learning is accomplished through purposeful play. Your family is a significant contributor to your child's  lifelong learning and development. Your active engagement in the educational process will ensure success in the elementary grade classes.

  • Our program follows themes and seasons

  • Our specials are gym and library

  • We will focus on fine motor and gross motor skills and also help develop core strength muscles

  • Engage in large motor activities

  • Maintaining upright posture when standing or seated                          

  • Fine motor activities: pincher grasp, holding pencil and crayons

  • Maintaining  focus on a task

  • Exhibiting self confidence by attempting new tasks independently

  • Independently modifying his or her behavior (showing self control)

  • Transitioning into unfamiliar settings

  • Sharing materials and toys with other children

  • Developing relationships with  peers and teachers

  • Engaging  in routine activities (e.g., story time, snack time, circle time).

  • As the new school librarian I will be introducing and developing literacy skills

  • Communicates with their peers and teachers

  • Understanding that some practices could be unsafe

  • Demonstrates knowledge of bus safety

I am always available to discuss any of your concerns or matters concerning our class.