Mrs. Mulderrig


January/ February Newsletter


Mrs. Mulderrig and Mrs. McManus

January was a time for hot chocolate and marshmallows, warmth and reading. This month we enjoyed “The Mitten” by Jan Brett, “The Missing Mitten” by Steven Kellogg and many other enchanting winter stories. Be sure to visit your local library and look at the new selection of books chosen to represent the theme of the month.

Although the months change and new tasks are added to our class assignments, we continue to keep the routine a constant. The cognitive learning skills of the children are challenged every day with new tasks, counting tally marks, reading the morning message or singing and moving to a new tune. All the while, children are comfortably in knowing, what is expected of them in the classroom. Starting in January, we changed our fearless leader every day in order to send home the morning message with a different student rather than with the snack person. Our FEARLESS LEADER will change each day but we will continue to thank our snack person at prayer time. It is a special gift to watch each of our students bless themselves as they make the sign of the cross before we eat.

As in the beginning of the year, the morning message remains a focus. Students read it together, identifying the names their teachers, days of the week and many sight words. This is the beginning of the reading process.  The morning message is sent home with the Fearless Leader and I have been informed that the children have a wonderful time making believe that they are the teacher. Mimicry is the highest form of compliment.

Your children have grown so much since the beginning of the school year. In February, we will begin to expand our cognitive skills with tally marking practice and a directional song. They are adorable singers; ask them to sing the directional song for you. I am also working on fine and gross motor skills on a daily basis. We continue to practice identifying our shapes, colors, numbers, and alphabet. It is easy to reinforce these skills at home. You can ask your little ones the first letter of common items such as: apple, door, library, cup, etc.

I am so proud as they enter the classroom each day hanging up coats, placing their book bags on the table, choosing a favorite book and laying down on the carpet to take a “book walk” (turning the pages and exploring a book). They have become self sufficient, independent little people. These are important steps in teaching our young students how to conduct themselves in a classroom. I believe when they enter Pre-K and Kindergarten they will be very much prepared and ready.

February will be full of pink hearts and Valentine wishes. Be prepared for lots of hugs and kisses (the chocolate kind too)!  Remember to practice and reinforce at home what we do in the classroom.  A successful child is the result of teachers and parents working together.  We look forward to seeing you at our next performance, Monday, February 13, at 10:45 AM, celebrating Valentine’s Day.  We have got quite a bunch of performers. They should be on Broadway!

We continue learning our workshop tasks: Coloring Holding a pencil Reading Doing a puzzle Recognizing their written name Reading our morning message Counting Bears (mastering one to one correlation) Making patterns Tracing patterns New Workshop tasks are: Cutting with scissors (fine motor skills) Recognizing continuing patterns Doing complex puzzles Identifying words, names, days (out of sequence) from morning message Recognizing Directional signals (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) Counting and using Tally Marks Reminders: February 3rd, Friday,  Early Dismissal February 20---24, Winter Recess,  School Closed February 13th,  Wednesday,  11:00 AM,  Valentine Show Monday is gym day --- be sure we have sneakers on VALENTINE'S DAY CARDS: We welcome students bringing in Valentine's Day cards and treats. Please send these items in by Friday, February 10th. Just sign cards from.... This will expedite distribution.

Stay Warm and Cozy

Wishing Everyone A

Happy Valentines Day

The greatest gift we give our children

is reading to them every day!