Mrs. Mulderrig


April/ May Newsletter N-3

Mrs. Mulderrig and Mrs. McManus


 Please note Moving Up Ceremony has been changed Tuesday, June 20th at 9:15

April showers bring May flowers and we certainly have had plenty of rain. All the children are full of curiosity and excitement now that spring is in the air. We are still waiting for appropriate weather to venture outside to the playground. A favorite of all.

Mother’s Day is coming soon and your children are making surprises for all their special Moms, Grandmoms, and other special people in their lives. They are working so hard to make them unique and beautiful.

We are all excited about the “Mother’s Day Tea” event and sharing our experiences of the classroom with our guests.  The children will be performing while guests enjoy refreshments. Our students have made a great effort to perform well and to please the important people in their lives. I have also set aside some time to have our visitors help the children create unique flowers to display in our classroom.

The class is also busy creating new and exciting displays to be exhibited in the halls leading to our classroom. The themes of our bulletin boards include:

                                “Jesus Makes Things New Again”

                          “God’s Love Helps us Grow”

                          “Rain or shine We Grow Together”

“ The Love of Jesus is blooming in Us”

The children are practicing diligently to write their own names on their art work.  Please come in and see our displays.

I must again emphasize how important routines are in the development of our young  children. In order to be successful, students need to learn a set of social, emotional and academic skills. Students learn to be cooperative, responsible and to develop self- control. Academically, students learn to persevere, practice and that repetition is the key to developing reading and writing skills. We all recognize the importance of routines at home and at school. Repetition is the core of learning for young children.

Please allow your children to show off their newly acquired skills by reading and identifying letters and sight words from the morning message. I am sure you will enjoy watching and listening to your emerging readers. This routine will continue throughout the remainder of the year.

Everyone is reciting their name, address and phone number and using the house pictures they made for this task. We will be sending these projects home soon. Please practice and reinforce these important and useful concepts at home.

Our tracing pages have been challenging. This is a new skill to be acquired. After all, we are taking on many new challenges at this point in the year. Some work will be coming home incomplete. No worries. Some skills require more practice than others. We will also be advancing our cutting skills by adding several cutting lines to the page. Please find time to practice and to review your child’s work with them.

We continue practicing our workshop tasks:
Holding a pencil
Doing complex puzzles
Recognizing their written name
Counting Bears (mastering one to one correlation)
Making Patterns
Tracing Shapes
Recognizing continuing patterns

Cutting with Scissors (fine motor skills)

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance

Making sign of Cross and reciting Holy Trinity

Singing and Dancing to old and new songs

Memorizing home address

Memorizing phone numbers

New Workshop Tasks:
Writing our Names

More challenging Connect The Dots Images

Advancing cutting skills


Please remember to wear sneakers everyday as we will do our best to visit the playground

Friday, May 5- 11:15 Early Dismissal - Faculty Meeting


FRIDAY, MAY 12-  Upon arrival at 9:10 we invite all our "Moms" to the

classroom for our Mother's Day Tea.

Thursday, May 25- Ascension Thursday, School Closed

Monday, May 29- Memorial Day- School Closed

Remember the greatest gift to our children is

read to them everyday

I wish all our Moms a Happy Mother’s Day.


You are all truly blessed

with bright, happy, and healthy children.