Mrs. Mulderrig

Class N-3 with Mrs. Mulderrig September-October Newsletter Image result for Halloween images

WOW! What a great start to a new school year with our class. In just a few days we have met new teachers, made new friends, experienced new places and played with new toys here at St Joseph School.

The children have begun to learn the Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Colors, Letters and the sound each letter makes. This is all taught through song and movement. We all are learning our Pledge and Prayer before we have snack. SHHHH mums the word! We are beginning to practice for our first big Show.

The children are learning to identify their written names. The focus is to master identifying the beginning letter and then all the letters in their names. We will reinforce this through art projects and when we do our JOBS. Our first three JOBS are independently coloring a picture, taking a book from the library, and doing a puzzle. Everyone is working so hard to finish the tasks.  

Our class has made beautiful projects and the children are so proud of their work. Please be sure to share the joy of their work with your extended family. Perhaps find a special place in your home where you can showcase their projects.

October is a special time for little ones. The children dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes and parade outside on school grounds. Check the calendar and be sure to invite family and friends and have your cameras ready. They pass by in a FLASH!  We hope you enjoy the projects as much as we do making them with all their little tiny hands. There will be many ghosts, black cats, bats, and pumpkins coming your way this month.

Reading is a very important everyday activity. As we enter the room each day the children choose a book, find a place on the carpet, and experience the joy and challenge of learning to read. At the end of each day I choose a book and read to them.

Music is a special time for us because we all love to sing, dance and make believe we are tiny little fish or some bubble gum. Mrs. McManus and I love watching those little people enjoy singing and dancing.

Weather permitting we will continue to play outside. The children love climbing the ladders and sliding on slides.

I must give a special Thank-you to our class mom, Melanie Kenny (Dakota’s Mom) for making sure every family had the opportunity to sign up and participate in their child's first school year experience. Also we have Cathy Lattuca (Sienna’s Mom) and Sarah Ryan (Elizabeth’s Mom) as class moms. Be sure to check in with them to keep up to date.  Please be sure to look at your class lists, snack calendars, and event calendars.

                   I wish you a fun and successful school year!

1st Event Pumpkin Picking

Convent Yard(near the playground) on Monday, Oct. 16 (rain date Fri. Oct 20) Parents and guests can meet us at the Pumpkin Patch at 11:15.  Enjoy pumpkin picking and have some Halloween fun with your children!


Monday, October 30, Halloween Party in Classroom


Tuesday, October 31- This is not a regularly scheduled school day for us. However. Please come and we will parade outside the school parking lot. Everyone is excited to see all the costumes! Bring your families and camera's. Parents are invited into classroom to share in the excitment adjust children’s costumes and take pictures!


Friday, Oct. 6 - 11:15 Early Dismissal - Faculty Meeting

Monday, Oct 9 - Columbus Day- School Closed

Friday, Oct. 13 - Nursery Class Photos

Friday, Oct. 16 - Pumpkin Picking (convent yard)

Friday - Oct. 20 - Rain date for Pumpkin Picking

Friday, Oct. 27 - Nursery Individual Photos

Monday, Oct. 30 - Classroom Party for students


the greatest gift we can give our children

is to read to them every day!

Happy Halloween

Love Mrs. Mulderrig and Mrs. McManus