Mrs. Mulderrig

November/December  Newsletter N - 3 Mrs. Mulderrig Mrs.  McManus

November was a busy month. We were glad to have a full house, “standing room only,” at our Thanksgiving Show. The children did a fabulous job, Showing off their talents and skills in a show for which they rehearsed only a short period of time. I hope everyone was able to capture those moments and create lovely memories with lots of photos and some videos too.

Everyone worked so hard this month making lots of TURKEY decorations, learning about the different seasons of the year, and what it means to be thankful. Everyone enjoys seeing the projects on our bulletin boards. I also reminded the children to continue to sing their favorite songs for their families and guests over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

December will be a time for reindeer, candy canes, elves and, of course, the beloved Santa Claus. There will be many events for which you may sign up and attend and enjoy with your little ones. Parents, please visit our School Web Page for important information about school activities, school closings due to snow days, and to see many photos. This month I will also discuss the meaning of Christmas. Outside of our classroom you can view each child, represented on the bulletin board, as an angel surrounding the manger. Many children were curious about why baby Jesus was not included. We explained that Christmas is the birthdate of Jesus and that Jesus is not yet born. Even though the children are very young, I hope to teach them  that Christmas is not only about getting presents from Santa Claus but about so much more.

The classes are continuing to work hard each day doing their routines and learning workshop tasks (JOBS)  

We continue learning our workshop tasks: Coloring Holding a pencil and drawing, tracing our shapes Reading Doing a puzzle Recognizing their written names

New workshop tasks: Counting bears mastering one to one correlation Making patterns

Please continue to reinforce these concepts at home. Young children need routines and learn from repetition, so it is important that they feel comfortable learning in many different settings.


I will be contacting the Garden City Library requesting that a special shelf be designated for our class.  A specific selection of books will be placed on our Special Shelf for the months moving forward throughout the new year. Reading is my favorite time with the children and I enjoy their excitement and interest as I make many stories come to life through storytelling.

Music has become another of our favorite times and we are developing quite a group of entertainers. Be sure to ask your little ones to perform Sticky Bubblegum or Little Fish for you at home. It is quite amazing to watch your children perform some very sophisticated dance moves. It is great fun and the children are very entertaining.  
Check the calendar for your week to bring in snack and of course, when it is your turn to be our FEARLESS LEADER! Be sure to choose appropriate snacks, mindful that we like to eat healthy. Remember, the greatest gift we can give our children is to read to them every day.

CHRISTMAS CLASSROOM SHOW: Monday, December 18th - 11:15 Our little people once again have been practicing for our classroom show. I look forward to seeing everyone as we get ready for Christmas and celebrate Baby Jesus’ Birthday


Tuesday, Dec.5,&7- Parent-Teacher conferences-I am looking forward to meeting with everyone. Please follow the schedule that was sent to you.

Friday, Dec. 8- Immaculate Conception- School Closed

Monday, Dec. 18- 11:15- Christmas Classroom Show

Wednesday, Dec. 20- The children will celebrate and have a Happy Birthday Jesus Cake during snack time

Friday, Dec.22- 11:15- Early Dismissal

Monday Dec.25- Jan 1- Christmas Vacation- School Closed
We wish all our children and families All God’s Blessings for a Joyous Christmas and A Happy New Year