Mrs. Mulderrig

          Class N-4 with Mrs. Mulderrig

  November Newsletter

October was a fun month getting ready for every child’s favorite holiday, Halloween!! The parade was a great success. I hope all family and friends were able to capture special moments in photos. Please print many terrific photos to share with us. I collect many photos, of all school events, for a special project later in the school year. In November we have a special performance planned for all, a THANKSGIVING SHOW! Plan on bringing Grandparents, friends and family. Enjoy our talented students and take plenty of photos.

Routines are very important in a young child’s life. It gives them comfort in knowing what is expected. I add new tasks very slowly as the year progresses. As they enter each day the children choose a book and lay down to read. Students learn to turn pages from left to right and use the pictures to provide clues to what the story is about, and enjoy relaxing with great authors and illustrators. Calendar time is instruction time as we sit together on our rainbow color carpet. Everyone is enjoying learning the days of the week, months of the year, alphabet letters, colors and shapes. It is hard work for our little ones but they are doing well learning the beginning letter sounds. I am going to assign homework to all families. Please send in PICTURES of things that start with the letter “A”. The class will begin working with each alphabet letter to help decorate our classroom and hallways. During workshop time we continue to develop their fine motor and cognitive skills:

We continue learning our workshop tasks:
Coloring with more than one color crayon

Reading (turning pages left to right)

Doing puzzles

New Workshop tasks:

Recognizing names (first letter of your name)

Holding our pencils correctly

Tracing shapes

Tracing the letters of our names

At home it is important to reinforce those concepts that have been introduced in the classroom. I ask that you and your caretakers work with your children to practice recognizing the first letter of your child’s name and perhaps all the letters that come thereafter. Encourage your children to hold their pencil correctly by placing a cotton ball in the pinky, ring finger and middle finger. I will be happy to demonstrate the technique. This skill will help to strengthen their fine motor using thumb and pointer fingers. Another fun activity for you and your child, when driving help your babies find letters in a stores names or signs along the trip route.

I will be introducing an important activity of counting and touching. This is another important readiness skill reviewed in Pre-K and mastered in kindergarten. We gather on the carpet and line up our bears. My aids and I will work individually which each student with an increasing number of objects each time we practice. I encourage everyone to continue this practice at home, counting glasses, pots and pans, windows, etc.

Our FEARLESS LEADER will continue to take home the morning message. Please hang the message in a prominent location at home. Practice reading together, finding names, beginning letters, and change the day of the week as we do in school each day. Allow your baby to teach everyone at home how to read. Most of all enjoy your emerging reader.

This month the children will be working on some very special keepsakes to dress up your kitchens and dining room tables. To better understand Thanksgiving we will all be talking about what why we are thankful. I ask parents to talk to your children about being thankful and the need to help others to develop a generosity of spirit. I will help the children create a special project representing this concept.

St. Joseph’s School has generously provided us with New-Line Smart T.V.’s. These 10 point touch Smart TV’s are naturally manipulated by our youngest students with ease. I am truly amazed at their abilities to switch colors, make monsters jump, follow directions and trace letters. Yet another tool in our great big tool box to help further the readiness skills of our nursery school students.

A “BIG” thank you to our class moms, Mrs. D’Angelo (Sofia’s mom) and Mrs. Alba (Daniela’s mom) for organizing a fun Pumpkin Patch Activity and Halloween Party. A SPECIAL thank you to Mrs. Kreuzer ( Sabine’s Mom) and Mrs. Johnston (Taya’s Mom) for fun goody bag gifts. A DELICIOUS thank you goes to Mrs. Beltran (Preston’s Mom) for the sweet cantaloupe and monster cupcakes. Almost every child was wearing them all over their faces and they loved every last bite. Thank you to all families, friends and caretakers who help to make school a place where the children love to come, enjoy learning new things and having too much fun to realize how hard they are working.

We have a new pet in our classroom, his name is “RAINBOW” and the children love to watch him swim to the top of his tank to eat his food, say good morning, and swim back and forth. Please talk about caring for God’s creatures at home.

Important Dates:
Thurs. Nov.1                     All Saints Day- No School

Fri.      Nov.2 (11:15)    Early Dismissal-Faculty Meeting
Mon.   Nov.12                  Veterans Day-School Closed
Thurs. Nov.15                   Fruit and Vegetable Tasting
Tues.  Nov.20   (11:15) Thanksgiving Show
Wed.   Nov.21   (11:15) Early Dismissal
Thurs. Nov.22                   Thanksgiving Day No School   Fri. Nov.23  No School


The greatest gift you can give your children is to read to them everyday