Mrs. Mulderrig


March/April Newsletter N-3

Mrs. Mulderrig and Mrs. McManus

The school year is moving quickly and we all have grown so much. Winter is behind us and we are looking forward to “Easter” and a “Blooming Spring”.  It was such a joy to see the children’s faces on St. Patrick’s Day.  Upon entering the classroom they were  shocked and surprised to discover that Mr. Leprechaun had left his footprints all over the children’s desks and worksheets, ripped our morning message and ran out the window. St. Patrick himself came into our classroom to visit and spend some time with us and we told him about what had happened. He promises to find that leprechaun and tell him never to do it again.

You will find us all on the front page of the Garden City News along with St. Patrick. I hope you were able to capture some special moments on your cameras. Please share your photos with me.

I hope you have enjoyed all of our special classroom projects; there are plenty more to come. We are creating a special keepsake for you:  A “Number Book” using all the children’s tiny little fingerprints. Mrs. McManus, the children, and I will be creating funny little creatures from those tiny fingers.

We look forward to “Pajama Day” on Monday, April 3rd. Parents and Caretakers are invited to take pictures, and the class will have breakfast at snack time, yum yum!

We are also busy creating many exciting displays in the halls leading to our classroom. “Jesus Makes Things New Again”and “April Showers Bring May Flowers” and “We Are Egg-Cited  About Spring”. Please come in and see our displays.

The children are working hard and completing their tasks and enjoying the satisfaction of success and accomplishment. Confidence leads to more success. Our class will begin to memorize a phone number of your choosing. They will also begin to write their names independently (without the assistance of names being highlighted on their tracing pages). Our tracing pages will also begin to change from tracing shapes to “Connect The Dots” a type of puzzle containing a sequence of numbers or letters. Lines are drawn connecting the dots and the outline of an object is revealed. These puzzles contain simple line art to enhance the image created. We have children counting or reciting the alphabet as they connect from one dot to another . Please reinforce this very important skill at home.

We will soon begin reading and enjoying “Mother Goose” nursery rhymes. Be sure to ask your little ones to sing the rhymes for you. I think every one of our students could be the next generation of “Grammy Winners”.  

We continue practicing our workshop tasks:
Holding a pencil
Doing complex puzzles
Recognizing their written name
Counting Bears (mastering one to one correlation)
Making Patterns
Tracing Shapes
Recognizing continuing patterns

Cutting with Scissors (fine motor skills)

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance

Making sign of Cross and reciting Holy Trinity

Singing and Dancing to old and new songs

New Workshop Tasks: Memorizing home address

Memorizing phone numbers Writing our Names

Connect The Dots Images


Please remember to wear sneakers every Monday on gym days.

Pajama Day is April 3rd. Come to school in your PJ’s

School will be closed April 13th - 21st - Easter Holiday Break

Remember to practice, and reinforce at home what we learn in the classroom.  

A successful student is a product of teachers and parents working together.

   Check the calendar for special events, your turn for snack week, classroom events, school closings and early dismissals.

The greatest gift we give our children is reading to them every day!

May you find the renewal of

Hope, Health, Love and the

Spirit of God

Happy Easter

to you and your families