Mrs. Benanti


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Dear Parents,

November is the month of Thanksgiving for our family and friends. We will study the beauty of Thanksgiving and how we are grateful and thankful for all our blessings we have in our homes, church and this great nation. We will read many Thanksgiving stories and each student will share in expressing what they are thankful for.  Sharing, caring, and being thankful are themes we stress  all year long, but they receive special focus during this holiday season.

The children continue to work hard.  I am so proud of them.  Calendar Time continues to be a very exciting time, as we continue to sing our days of the week song, talk about the day, date, month , year, weather, and count.

The children are learning to recognize their written names.  The focus is to begin to identify the beginning letter and then all letters in their names.  We reinforce this through our crafts, identifying names in the coat closet, on our tote bags, and playing a name game with flash cards.

Reading is an important activity. Each day your child chooses a book to look at. We are learning to look at the pictures and talk about what we think is happening in the story. We call this taking a picture walk. We are also learning to make predictions.  The family is a significant contributor to children's lifelong learning and development.  Actively engaging parents in the early education of their children is essential to children's success in the elementary classroom and later learning.  Nursery programs can enhance school readiness and lay the foundation for later achievement.  Students will interact with a variety of common types of text ( e.g. storybooks, poems).  You may prompt and support your child to answer questions about details in stories, learn new vocabulary, as well as understand the role of the author and illustrator.  Please enjoy some happy and special moments with your child as you read to them on a daily basis. 


Friday, Nov. 17- Each student will be asked to bring in a fruit or vegetable. A separate letter will be sent home to you.


 Monday, Nov. 20,  11:15 -The children have been practicing their rhymes, songs and dances in preparation for our Thanksgiving show.  Our little stars are doing a fabulous job! We can't wait to perform for you! Parents and guests are always welcome!

A special thank you again to our class moms Mrs. Moylan and Mrs. Pepicelli for all your hard work and for decorating our pumpkin patch so beautifully.  I could see the sparkle in the children's eyes as they ran around to choose a pumpkin, enjoy the treats, decorations and have some Halloween fun!  Also,  It was a pleasure seeing everyone at our Halloween show.  The children did a magnificent job!


Everyone should have received an outline for the year
pertaining to our shows and activities .  I am looking forward to sharing all these wonderful events with you!


We are so happy to have each "special person" share in this wonderful activity.  We are looking forward to a most memorable and happy time!  The children are so excited, as they look forward to each guest.  They have made a special present for our "special person" and they are anxiously waiting to share it with you!  Please remember all participants must be Virtus trained and Background checked. Please sign in at the front desk.  A special thank you to all who have participated.  The crafts were super!  The children really enjoyed your creativity! 




Make new friends

Enjoy a happy and cheerful environment

To begin to follow the routine of the day

Transition from one activity to the next

Follow one step directions

To take turns speaking and express what we are thankful for

To talk about Thanksgiving

To be kind and patient

To listen and learn the Pledge of Allegiance

To listen and learn our Guardian Angel Prayer and Grace Before Meals

Enjoy our special themes of the month

To enjoy music and movement as we sing and dance each day

Be thankful ,"God Made Me Special"

Listen to rhymes and stories

To participate in calendar time

Count to answer," How many?"

Identify colors, shapes


Friday, Nov,10- School Closed- Veterans Day

Thursday, Nov. 16- School Closed (Professional Day)

Friday, Nov. 17-
Fruit and Vegetable Tasting

Monday, Nov. 20- 11:15 Thanksgiving Classroom Show

Wednesday, Nov. 22- 11:15- Early Dismissal

Thursday, Nov. 23-
Happy Thanksgiving!- School Closed

Friday, Nov. 24-  School Closed


Mrs. Benanti
Mrs. Bateman

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         "A child with a strong sense of self worth is a child ready to learn."