Hello My Name Is

Mrs. Lisa Kelly

Grade K
The Kindergarten class has been singing and creating movements for songs about animals and friends. Scarf activity is included to create musical ideas and dramatization for their songs. Children have been working with various percussion instruments to further dramatize each song. Children are given the opportunity to learn how to play Choir Chimes. tambourines, maracas and cabezas.

Grades 1-4

The students have been eagerly celebrating the holidays of different cultures. Chinese New Year is a fun celebration that involves the students creating accompaniments for two Chinese Songs. The recorder classes are creating melodies for a small percussion ensemble. Groundhog Day is included in our celebration. Students are chanting various rhythm patterns for both Groundhog Day and Spirit Day. The students are also writing their own text. The classes will move forward with Valentines Day and St. Patrick's Day music with creative dance and movement. 

Grade 5
‚Äčtudents are singing, playing and listening to the music of many lands. Songs from almost every inhabited continent are being studied to acquaint students with the characteristic "sound" of each country and ethnic group. Students are given the opportunity to play various percussion instruments and work in a small group to create unusual sounds, movements and short musical scenes.

Grade 6
The 6th grade is learning about Style, the various genres of music. We began with a variety of styles-pop, spirituals, soft rock. We have now moved back in time to the Medieval Era. Students heard a choir of monks singing Gregorian chant in a monastery. We will complete the Medieval Era and move forward to the Renaissance.

Grades 7 & 8
The 7th and 8th grade classes have been working on creating verses for the "President's Rap". Students have formed small groups and are creating verses for President Obama and President Trump. Each group will perform what they have created, carefully incorporating the text, rhythm, dynamics and choosing various percussion instruments.
The students will continue working in small groups to create video music for a game and dramatization. Students are asked to describe how music is used in their favorite video game and are encouraged to sing the musical theme from these games. Students will decide whether it will be a puzzle game, an adventure game or a battle game.  Each group is asked to sketch a sequence of scenes for the imaginary game, and determine which scenes could be interactive. The final step is to choose music from a variety of sources and analyze how it could be used. The game designs will be presented to the class. The class will apply criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of their music.