KA Mrs. Conte

Hoping everyone had wonderful vacation!
This week we begin to learn about a wonderful gift from God: our amazing bodies! We will listen to stories and talk about ways to keep these amazing machines working in good orders!

We have met all of the Superkids and now we will join the Superkids Club.  The kids need a place to  spend time and do things together.  I wonder where that will be!

Colourful Numbers.png
  We will continue to learn numbers that are beyond 20.  We will count by 5s and 10s, filling in our ten frames.  

In religion we will be discovering God's world with our 5 senses!
Toothbrush With Toothpaste.png

Dental health will be learned about this month.  We need to practice keep those pearly white teeth happy and healthy.  There is nothing better than a great smile.

Friday will be an 11:00 dismissal.  We will be going to 9:00 mass.  Bring only snack.

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Tuesday Gym
Wednesday Library
Thursday  Music
Friday Mass