7th Grade
Art Projects for November-December:

The Portfolio Cover:  Students design an Abstract Art composition on their portfolio cover.  They must include their name and grade in the composition.  The drawing is divided in half.  One side is colored with different values of colored pencil and marker outline.  The other half is colored with marker outline only.

A Watercolor Cornucopia:  Students are instructed to draw a large  cone shape called a cornucopia and fill it to overflowing with fall botanical objects, fruit, leaves. nuts and vegetables.  They color their drawing in the watercolor technique showing light and dark color values.

A Winter Village or Town:  This is a study of two point perspective technique, which draws three dimensional forms.  Students are shown a demonstration how to draw with this technique and then instructed to create their own village or town consisting of several buildings.  The composition is enhanced by including roads, people trees etc.as seen in the winter season.  The composition is colored with chalk background and colored pencils.