3rd Grade
Art Projects for November-December:

A Fall Collage:  Students use fall colored drawing chalk to create a background of overlapping leaves using the art form called Collage.  They select a fall object, a leaf, a pear, an acorn, a pumpkin as their central motif.  This object is colored with blended oil pastels.

A Fall Owl Drawing:  Students are instructed to draw an owl on black construction paper.  They are to color their owl with blended oil pastels in a slash, line technique that shows the textural effect of the owls feathers.

A Christmas Snow Globe:  This project is based upon the snow globe, a composition that is enclosed in a round shape.  In Medieval Art this is called  Rondo.  Students are instructed to design a composition with a Christmas theme.  The base of the globe is decorated with a Christmas pattern,  The project is colored with oil pastels and crayons