2nd Grade
Art Projects for  September-October:

An Impressionist Seascape Composition:  Students are taught the basic rule of Perspective Drawing by creating a Seascape Composition that contains a composition that includes a horizon line and big objects in front and small objects in the rear.  The drawing is enhanced by adding objects found at the seashore, and a large sand castle in front.  They learn how to blend crayons to show the sky, sand and water. Oil pastels are used to color objects that are in front of the composition. 

A Fall Landscape Composition:  Students use the previous lesson to create a landscape composition that shows a large scarecrow in a pumpkin farm.  They draw their scarecrow in the front of the composition and small farm buildings on the horizon line in the rear.  The pumpkins vary in size from front to back using the Perspective technique.  The drawing is colored with mixed media, crayons and oil pastels.