5B Mrs. Barberesi

REVISION: 5th Grade Geography Quiz moved to next week, Wednesday Sept 26th.

I will be more mindful in the future of when they have other exams. We are setting up an exam schedule in our homeroom, in order to help avoid overlaps of major exams. However, in 5th Grade it is difficult to avoid having more than one quiz on a given day. I hope is helps lesson any anxiety! The the 5th graders are all working incredibly hard and they are off to an excellent start! 

9/17 - 9/21 5th Grade ELA

Journeys Textbook Pages 3 - 39
Target Vocab. Pages 16-17
Vocab. Assessment Monday Sept. 17th
Test on the story, "A Package for Mrs. Jewls"  and Readers Theater, "Questioning Gravity," Thursday, Sept. 20th

9/17 - 9/21 5th Grade SS

Textbook pages SSH1- SSH19 will be covered this week

9/17- 9/21 6th Grade ELA
Bring, Wonder to class daily.
Input your answers into the interactive workbook for, Wonder, that is on google classroom
Brainstorm, research and start planning our class documentary, "Kids on Kindness"
(Topic, Research, Script, Duration)
Wonder test Thursday, Sept. 20th

9/17 - 9/21 6th Grade SS
SS Vocabulary flash index cards Due Thursday, 9/20
see google classroom for list of works. Also, found in your SS textbook, Topic 1, Lessons 1-5

6th Grade: Next week: SS Test on Terms, and Topic one lesson 1 and 2


Week of 9/24- 9/28

6th Grade SS
SS Test Wednesday, September 26th (I will post a study guide by Sunday Night. It is on all material we have covered so far. We will be working on current events in addition to our focus on the Neolithic Revolution. 
Check Google Classroom for daily homework and class assignments

6th Grade ELA
Wonder EXAM Thursday, September 27th. We will finish up Wonder, and start on developing our Kids on Kindness documentary by Friday, Sept. 28th.
We will start using our Building Vocab. books this week as well. 
Check Google Classroom for daily homework and classroom assignments