Mrs. Leonenko 5 & 6

Advent Season

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I look forward to the enjoyment of teaching your children and the joy we will share as they learn and have fun together!

Monday- Spanish and Gym
Thursday- Music

Extra Help will be on Tuesday 
by invitation.


5th Grade Religion:We are learning about St Elizabeth Anne Seton and the Seven Sacraments.  
6th Grade: We learn about St. Theresa of Lisieux and the chronology of the bible stories and recognizing the various genres in which the sacred text was written.

5th and 6th ELA: We are continuing our study of the many genres, develop our academic vocabulary while building on our language arts knowledge base.

5th Grade Social Studies: Concentrating on the Western Hemisphere and Social Studies Fair.

6th Grade Social Studies: Concentrating on Ancient Civilizations of Eastern Hemisphere and Social Studies Fair.

Please remember to check the following for important information: 

- Check ALL fifth grade class websites/google classroom daily.  
- Check Parent Portal on a regular basis 
This will help keep you informed on important news and your child's progress! 


Students need to bring in  a chapter books of their choice for reading class. 
...Books need to be replaced once they are finished! 


The fifth grade students at SJS are required to read a book a month. This requirement allows students to choose texts at their appropriate reading levels that spark their individual interests. Research indicates that allowing students to choose their independent reading books can help build their reading identities, allowing them to discover their reading likes and dislikes. Throughout the school year, the students are encouraged to try texts from a variety of genres to help them discover what they want to read. When students are held accountable for their independent reading a culture of reading is created in the classroom that will help promote each student’s literacy development. Reading these books each school year enlarges your child’s world, increases your child’s vocabulary, and fosters your child’s fluency and comprehension skills. 

                 The assignments will be in Google Classroom.


This years  teachers: 
Mrs Leonenko- ELA, Reading
 Religion and Social Studies 
Mrs Musto-Math
Ms. Guele-Science
Mrs. Cody-Health



Cafeteria Information: 
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Please check PTA Website for further information


Uniform Requirements 
 Winter uniform are in effect. 
Boys: Black socks only! All boys must wear a belt!
Gym uniform: NO colored socks & NO knee high socks!



School Code of Conduct