3A Mrs. DeSena

Christmas Tree

Children are to bring in Christmas cards for their classmates.

Instruments for Monday Band

Sneakers for gym

Christmas Show- The children are to wear their clothes for the performance on Tuesday, December 19th and Wednesday, December 20th.  The performance for the parents is Wednesday, morning at 9:30.

Book Reports-When a child finishes reading a book they are completing a short form about the book in class.  I am having the book reports completed on a Thursday or Friday morning.  The children may bring the book to school to help in writing the book review. They also need to keep track of the books read on the outline that was handed out. 

                                              Tuesday-Spanish, Library


The lessons continue with learning the Associative Property and the 8 facts.  The children need to practice the facts every night.  Sprints and quizzes this week. 

array, Commutative Property of Multiplication, equal groups, factor, Identity Property of Multiplication, multiply, product, Zero Property of Multiplication,  Associative Property of Multiplication, Distributive Property

                                                    Reading                     ​         
         This week the children will be working from the NYS ELA Coach Book.

The children are starting to write constructed responses to the reading questions. When writing the response the children will be using the ACE Method.  I am starting with the following... A-answer and restate the question in the topic sentence then C-cite evidence from the text using examples to support the answer.  The E- will come later in the year.
                                    ACE BCR Questions Poster
imagine, illustrate, sketches, research, tools, scribbles, tracing, textures
                                              We Believe

In We Believe, the chapter helps the children understand the season of Ordinary Time.
         Advent wreath



                                               Social Studies      
  The lesson in Social Studies is about the Jamestown community.  The lesson is on how the Powhatans helped the colonists survive in Jamestown. 



  In Science the lessons are on energy and its forms.  The first lesson is on forms of energy such as light energy, electrical energy, heat energy, sound energy, mechanical energy potential energy, and kinetic energy.       


energy, electrical energy, sound energy, potential energy, kinetic energy