3A Mrs. DeSena

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Field Day -Wednesday, May 23-Pizza lunch

Memorial Day-Monday May 28th-School Closed

                                              Tuesday-Spanish, Library

The next chapter in math is on perimeter and area.  The beginning lessons will focus on perimeter by counting units on  grid paper, measuring perimeter of polygons using inch and centimeter rulers and finding the unknown length of a side of a polygon when you know the perimeter.


perimeter, area, square unit, unit square, centimeter meter
Reading                        ​         
In the Journey's book this week the information text being read is titled     The Journey: Stories of Migration. The text focus on the migration of the grasshopper and the  gray whale. Both creatures  share a common experience of migrating to a new habitat in order to survive.  Spelling Words this week are changing final y to I.   There will be a spelling test on Thursday on the words from Sarah, Plain and Tall and Life on the Ice words.
The grammar lesson is on adverbs that compare.
migrate, survival, plenty, frightening, accidents, solid, chilly, landscape, thunderous, dramatic       

The children are starting to write constructed responses to the reading questions. When writing the response the children will be using the ACE Method.  I am starting with the following... A-answer and restate the question in the topic sentence then C-cite evidence from the text using examples to support the answer.  The E- will come later in the year.
ACE BCR Questions Poster                                                                     
                                                          We Believe


 Chapter 15 in We Believe is how the church celebrates the sacraments.  In this chapter we will discuss the Sacraments of Initiation, Sacraments of Healing and the Sacraments of Service. 

sacraments , Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Matrimony and Holy Orders
Social Studies                   
  In Lesson 2, we will discuss ways of earning , spending and saving money.  The lesson will explain a simple budge for spending and saving money.         

                          budget, income, opportunity cost, interest, bank

Chapter 3 in Science is on classifying plants.  We will discuss flowering plants, nonflowering plants and spores.

                                 flowering plant, sore, moss, fern, classify