3A Mrs. DeSena

3rd grade

Instruments for Monday Band

IOWA Testing continues this week.

Wednesday is our trip to Bethpage Village.  We will be leaving around 9:00 and returning for regular dismissal.  Children are to wear sneakers and bring a light sweater or jacket.  Lunch is to be placed is a bag and labeled with child's name. No Lunch boxes or thermos.  Also if you would like your child to have the snack that consist of a pretzel, candy stick and small root beer soda send in $1.50.

The children are enjoying connecting with two different schools using Edmodo and Padlet for the Global Read Aloud. Our new friends live in Kansas and Indiana.

Please check the Class Gallery on different photos of the children in class.

                                              Tuesday-Spanish, Library

The new chapter that will begin this week in Go Math is on graphing and interpreting the different graphs.  This week the lessons are on to solve problems using a table,  interpreting a picture graph, drawing a scaled picture graph  and interpreting a scaled bar graph.


frequency table, key, picture graph, bar graph, horizontal graph, scale, vertical bar graph, line plot

                                                    Reading                     ​         
              We will continue reading Destiny's Gift this week. The children will be looking at the characters' feelings , traits and motivations.  Grammar lessons are on compound sentences.
    afford, customers, contacted, raise, earn, figure, block, spreading 

           Chapter 3 in We Believe is about Christ Coming Again.  In this chapter discussions will focus on Jesus having power over death.  The children will listen to the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead.  We will also discuss Jesus' second coming, being judged when Jesus comes again, the greatest commandment to Love God with all your heart, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.


  Bethlehem,  Heaven, second coming ,                                                                        Last Judgement , commandment                                                     

                                                Social Studies

                    The next unit will focus on communities.  In this unit the lesson is on how citizens work together to improve a community.  There are many different types of communities in the United States.  We will compare ways on how people in communities
 meet their needs.

              community, construction, citizen, rural, suburban, urban


             The next lesson is on how force affects motion.  In this lesson we will learn about push and pull.  We will also discuss how force can change an object's direction.