3A Mrs. DeSena


Welcome to 3A      Room 106

Band Instruments for Monday

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  Children will be receiving Ashes.

Morning Extra help will be on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30AM all are invited
Math extra help is Tuesday
Reading extra help is Thursday

February Postcard is due on Tuesday, February 28th

Friday, March 3rd is First Friday Mass

On Tuesdays Mrs. Mah will work with the children on keeping  their bodies and mind healthy.  Mrs. Mah will introduce stories using puppets.  The puppets will teach a lesson and then the children will be involved in a discussion on what they learned from the story. 


                               Tuesday-Spanish and library        


We continue Chapter 8 in Go Math with fractions. This week the lessons are on fraction greater than 1, fractional parts of a group, and solving fraction problems by using the strategy draw a diagram.

Review sheet 11 due Friday, March 3rd
Review sheet 12 due Friday, March 10th

numerator, denominator, unit fraction, fraction greater than 1 equal parts, whole
halves, thirds, fourths, sixths,

Reminder that Think Central(Go Math)  can be found under classroom resources. Here the workbook and student book can be used. You can log in using your child's username and password.  Each child has this information on a paint chip in their folder. 


This week the story is an informational text titled A Tree is Growing by
Arthur Dorros.  In this story the children will learn about the science of how trees grow.
 Children will learn what makes the story an informational text.  We will look for photographs with captions, diagrams that help explain the story and how the ideas and information are organized. Spelling words this week have the /k/ which can be spelled with c, k, or ck. and the /kw/ sound which can be spelled with the qu.  Grammar this week is the Verb Be and helping words.


pollen, store, clumps, passages, absorb, throughout, coverings, spines, tropical, dissolve


The third grade Family Life program begins with a discussion on our human families and the Church Family of God.


separate, divorce, adopt, foster, families, attitude, loyalty, thankfulness, forgiveness

We will be reviewing  Energy Chapter 2 lessons 1, 2, and 3.  There will be a test on these three lessons.


reflect, refract 
absorb, closed circuit, electrical energy, kinetic energy, energy, light, energy, open circuits, pitch, potential energy, reflect, refract, sound energy, thermal energy, volume and wave.

Social Studies

Inventions and discoveries have influenced communities around the world. The next lesson is on how inventions and health discoveries changed the way people communicate with each other.


 skyscraper, invention, elevator, Elisha Otis, Henry Bessemer,
Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, William Le Baron Jenney, pasteurization, preserve, vaccine, Jane Addams, Louis Pasteur, Charles Drew, Jonas Salk