3A Mrs. DeSena

                             WELCOME TO THIRD GRADE

Tuesday-9:00 Mass for St. Joseph Day

Looking Ahead...Report card Conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, March 26th and Wednesday, March 27th.

Social Studies Fair-Each child should be working on their Social Studies Research.  The outline and all materials are to be brought to school on Monday, April 29th. A model, scrapbook or poster of the place that was researched may be assembled in  school. On Wednesday, May 1st, the children will begin assembling the projects. Parents interested in helping assemble projects, please let me know.  We will assemble the projects in the cafeteria at 12:45.  The Social Studies Fair is Thursday, May 9th at 7:00.

                                Wednesday- Technology
                                Thursday - Music and Library
                                 Friday- Art

Chapter 9 is a continuation of fractions.  The lessons this week are comparing fractions with the same denominator, same numerator, using the missing piece strategy from the whole and ordering fractions.  Please continue to practice multiplication and division facts

We will be reading The Extra-good Sunday by Beverly Cleary. The story is about Ramon and her sister Beezus who are in trouble for not eating their dinner. Their punishment is to prepare dinner for the entire family.  What happens when the girls try to prepare dinner?  Spelling words this week have a vowel + r sound.  Grammar lesson will focus on verbs in the past, present and future.

        Jesus Sign

In Chapter 10 of "We Believe" the children will learn about the ways Catholics listen and talk to God in prayer. The children will learn that they can pray alone or with others.  They will be introduced to different kinds of prayer and that the church prays at all times.



     Social Studies

Our next lesson in Social Studies is Chapter 3 Communities that Build a Nation. We will begin the chapter with identifying Native American groups compare how the groups used resources and the interactions between the Native Americans and Europeans.