3A Mrs. DeSena


                              WELCOME TO THIRD GRADE
                 Band starts on Monday

                                Wednesday- Technology
                                Thursday - Music and Library
                                 Friday- Art


             Chapter 1 in Go Math will  begin with strategies and tools to explore addition and subtraction.  Over the next 3 weeks this chapter will focus on patterns, rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, estimating, using mental math to add and subtract. 


          This year the children will be reading from the Journeys Reader.  In the reader the children will read different genres such as fiction and informational text.  There will be grammar and spelling to along with each story.  Spelling Tests will take place every two weeks.  

          There will be a Spelling test on Friday on words from A Fine, Fine School and The Trial of Cardigan Jones.  The story this week is a fantasy titled The Trial of Cardigan Jones .  In the story one of the animals is on trial for taking a pie.  The story show what happens in a courtroom. The grammar lesson this week is on types of sentences.  The Spelling Words have long vowel sounds.
                                                                                                                                            Jesus Sign 

         Chapter 1 in We Believe is about God Sending His Own Son.  In this chapter the lesson teaches the about Jesus growing up in Nazareth, His public ministry and how we are called to carry on Jesus' mission.


         The Science lesson is how weather changes over time.  The lessons will focus on the water cycle, weather and climate, tools that are used to measure weather, and how to stay safe in severe weather.

      Social Studies

      The Social Studies unit is about all about our environment.  In this unit we will discuss land and water, weather, climate and forces of nature, using Earth's resources and people interacting with the environment.