3A Mrs. DeSena

St. Joseph

Happy St. Joseph Day

Welcome to 3A      Room 106

Band Instruments for Monday

Monday 9:00 Mass for the Feast of St. Joseph

Our Lenten project Babies in Bethlehem is off to a great start.  The children have been giving offerings for the Holy Family Hospital.

megaphone     Calling All Third Graders
 Come to the Fun Run on Saturday, March 25th             
Morning Extra help will be on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30AM all are invited
Math extra help is Tuesday
Reading extra help is Thursday

March Book Report is an informational animal book due Wednesday, March 29th. See book reports for outline.

                               Tuesday-Spanish and library        


fraction wall

Chapter 9 in Go Math is on comparing fractions.  The lesson will explain comparing fractions with like numerators and like denominators.

The children need to practice fractions on IXL or another website.
Below is a website that the children can use for fraction review.


Review Sheet 14 due Thursday, March 23th

equivalent, equivalent fraction, greater than >, less than <

Reminder that Think Central(Go Math)  can be found under classroom resources. Here the workbook and student book can be used. You can log in using your child's username and password.  Each child has this information on a paint chip in their folder. 

This week we will be reading "Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan.  This historical fiction story is about family.  Anna, Caleb and Papa have been writing letters to Sarah who decides to come to visit the family with her cat Seal. The grammar lesson this week is comparative adjectives. The Spelling words this week are words that end in -ed and -ing.  Test on Sarah, Plain and Tall on Tuesday, March 28th.
Spelling Test on Wednesday, March 29th, Sarah, Plain and Tall and Life on the Ice Words.


prairie, slick, fetch, clattered, sniff, rough, thumped, batted, buzzing, rustle


The third grade Family Life program continues with being part of the family.  We discussed loyalty, thankfulness and forgiveness in our families.  We also discussed the best things about bein part of their families.


separate, divorce, adopt, foster, families, attitude, loyalty, thankfulness, forgiveness

 This week the lesson will be on sound energy.  In this lesson the children will learn about sound, vibrations, volume and pitch. 


volume, pitch, vibration, sound

Social Studies

The new chapter in Social Studies is on people at work in communities.  This week we will identify ways a farming community earns money.  This lesson introduces supply, demand and scarcity and how it affects the price of goods and services.

Information regarding the Social Studies Fair will be handed out this week.  SS Fair is May 11th, 7-8 in the auditorium.


 scarcity, harvest, agriculture, fertilizer, combine, supply, demand