3A Mrs. DeSena

Band Instruments needed for Monday.

Wednesday-11:00 Dismissal- Parent Teacher Conferences
Thursday 6 PM - 7:30 PM Parent Teacher Conferences

Social Studies Fair Projects -Each child received the handout for the Social Studies Fair.  The third graders are to research a landmark in Nassau or Suffolk County. On the handout there is a suggested list of landmarks.  The Social Studies Fair is Thursday, May 17th from 7:00 to 8:00 in the auditorium.  We will assemble the projects in school.  We will be assembling the projects one afternoon around the second week of May and will need assistance from the parents in guiding the children.

                                              Tuesday-Spanish, Library


This week in math the lessons are on Two Step Problem Solving and Order of Operations.  There will be a test on Thursday, March 22 on Chapter 7, division.   Review Sheet 9 and 10 will be handed out.


                            divisor, dividend, quotient, inverse operations

                                                  Reading                     ​         
       In the Journey's book the story this week is titled "Aero and Officer Mike." The informational text is about a police office that has a dog as his partner. Officer Mike and Aero are part of the K-9 unit. The story explains the partnership between Officer Mike and Aero on and off duty.  The Spelling words this week have the vowel  + /r/ sound (ar, or).  The grammar lesson is pronoun verb agreement. 

                 lying, loyal, partners, shift, quiver, patrol, ability, snap

The children are starting to write constructed responses to the reading questions. When writing the response the children will be using the ACE Method.  I am starting with the following... A-answer and restate the question in the topic sentence then C-cite evidence from the text using examples to support the answer.  The E- will come later in the year.
                                    ACE BCR Questions Poster                                                               
                                                We Believe

In "We Believe" this week the focus of the lesson is on how the church prays.  We will discuss how Jesus taught his followers to pray.  We will also learn that we come together to worship God at Mass.  There are different reasons that people pray... prayer of praise, prayer of thanksgiving, prayer of petition, prayer of blessing and prayer of intercession. 


                             prayer, synagogue, Liturgy, pilgrimages
                                               Social Studies      
      The new unit in Social Studies is how new inventions changed the communities.  At the start of this unit the lesson will explain how the Great Chicago Fire change the community which led to new inventions.  The lesson will identify the new inventors and their inventions. 

                                      skyscraper, invention, elevator

          Elisha Otis, Henry Bessemer, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison,
                                        William Le Baron Jenney

        This week in science the lesson will focus on sound energy.  We will look at how sound travels, volume and pitch.


                                              volume and pitch