3A Mrs. DeSena

3rd grade

Welcome to 3A      Room 106

Band Instruments for Monday
Morning Extra help will be on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30AM all are invited
Math extra help is Tuesday
Reading extra help is Thursday

April Book Report is a Poetry Placemat which is due on Thursday, April 27th.

Social Studies materials should be brought into school this week.

                               Tuesday-Spanish and library        

                clock    Math      ruler

Go Math this week:
Solving problems involving addition and subtraction of time intervals
Measuring length to nearest half and fourth inch
Estimate and measure liquid volume in liters
Estimate and measure mass in grams and kilograms
Solving problems involving liquid volumes and masses
There will be a test the week of May 1st.

chapter 10 vocabulary
elapsed time, minute, midnight, noon, A.M., P.M.
gram, kilogram ,liquid volume, liter

Reminder that Think Central(Go Math)  can be found under classroom resources. Here the workbook and student book can be used. You can log in using your child's username and password.  Each child has this information on a paint chip in their folder. 

                                    ELA​         Oliver K. Woodman
This week the children will go on a spectacular journey with a wood man named Oliver K. Woodman.  This journey takes place across the United States where Oliver meets many different people who help him get to his destination. Buckle up for a road trip you will never forget. Spelling words this week are suffixes-ful, -ly, and -er.  The grammar lesson is using singular and plural possessive nouns.how
There will be a test Friday, April 28th on The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman.


                       sincere, managed, loaded, loveliest,                       conversation, inspired, reunion, currently, pleasure,  terror

                          Religion         St. Joseph Church

In We Believe chapter 11,  the children will learn about their parish.  We will discuss what a parish is, people who serve in the parish, how the parish worships and caring for others.

parish, deacon, altar servers, pastor,

        ​science plant

The new chapter is all about plants.
Classifying plants
Leaves make food for plants
Root and stems are used for plants to grow
Flowers and cones are used for reproduction
Life cycles of plants

carbon dioxide, oxygen, flowering plant, spore, nutrient, photosynthesis, life cycle, reproduce, pollinate, germinate

                                Social Studies     international trade ship

We continue with the lesson on Working in Communities.  This next lesson is on domestic and international trade.  We will discuss imports and exports of goods.


manufacturing, factory, assembly line, Henry Ford

 scarcity, harvest, agriculture, fertilizer, combine, supply, demand

domestic trade, international trade, import, export, global marketplace

 The SS Fair is May 11th, 7-8 in the auditorium.  Children can start bringing in materials for Social Studies Fair projects to be completed in school.