3A Mrs. DeSena

After learning about the Boston Tea Party the children were given another challenge on Friday.  The challenge was to create a crate that would hold teabag while floating in water.  The children used popsicle sticks, yarn, tape and glue to create their crate.  All crates designed stayed afloat without getting the teabags wet until another constraint was added. Once again the children worked well with their partners and have made great strides in figuring out the different challenges.

                                Wednesday- Technology
                                Thursday - Music and Library
                                 Friday- Art

Chapter 11 in Go Math is on perimeter and area. This week the children will find the area of different plane shapes.  They will also find the area of combined rectangle.  At the end of the week the lesson focuses on finding the same perimeter but different area of rectangles. Review multiplication facts, SPRINTS this week.

The story we are reading this week is an informational text titled "The Journey: Stories of Migration.  in the story the author explores the migration of the locust and the whale.  Spelling words this week are changing words that end in y to I then add s. The Grammar Lesson is on comparing adverbs.

        Jesus Sign
We will finish chapter 12 learning about God calling people to religious life.  We will discuss religious vows that the community takes and how those in religious life serve the church. The next chapter is the celebration of the Sacraments.



     Social Studies

This week we will be completing Chapter 3 Building a Nation.  The children will complete the chapter review and a test will be given at the end of the week.