1A Ms. Dunn

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                  Welcome To First Grade!

In ELA the children are continuing Unit 10 this week.  They are learning about contractions - how to form them using an apostrophe and identifying the two words that form them.  We will be reading a story called, "Buster" about a pigeon named Buster who makes a nest in Frits' attic.  The children will be learning that when er is added to a verb it makes a noun that names a person or thing that does something (nouns with the ending er).  For example: teach - teacher;  paint - painter.  The children will be having a Spelling Test on Unit 10 contractions on Thursday, March 2nd.   


In Math the children finished Chapter 7 on Comparing Numbers.  We will be reviewing the symbols for greater than (>), less than (<) and is equal to (=) to compare numbers.  We will also be reviewing problem solving strategies used to compare numbers and identifying numbers that are 10 more and 10 less than a given number.  There will be a test on Wednesday, March 1st.  Please have your child use their flash cards at home to practice basic addition and subtraction facts to 10.  Please also have your child use the IXL Math at home to reinforce their math skills. 

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In Religion the children will be learning about how the Holy Spirit helps the Church to grow.  They will be able to define Church as all the people who believe in Jesus and follow his teachings.  They will also understand that the Church began on Pentecost.  As the season of Lent begins on March 1st, the children will be receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday.  We will be doing various activities throughout the season.       

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In Science the children began the next unit on light and sound waves. They are viewing videos introducing the concepts of pitch and volume for sound and the different sources and properties of light.

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In Social Studies the children started the next unit on the Presidency.  They are learning about the three branches of government -  executive, legislative, and judicial.  They will be learning about the people associated with each branch and their jobs. 
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The children are continuing the Second Step Program, which consists of skills for social and academic success.  In Unit 2 the children are exploring the concept of empathy.  They will be identifying their feelings and the feelings of others, looking for situational clues to identify feelings, understanding that people can have different feelings about the same situation, realizing that feelings may change over time, understand that some actions happen by accident, and learning ways to show care and concern for others.  The children will be playing games called Think, Turn, Tell, Simon Says, and Clap and Wait.   

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The children will be writing about their "Luckiest Day" in anticipation of St. Patrick's Day.
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