1A Ms. Dunn

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First Grade at a Glance

In ELA the children finished Unit 5 in the Superkids Program. They learned how to decode words with ar, or, ir, er, and ur, which make r-controlled vowel sounds.  They are also reviewing synonyms and antonyms.  The children read a story called "Fire!" which is about how Sal's knowledge of Spanish helps the firefighters.  They will read a poem called "It Is Hot" which is a conversation between Tac and Lily about what to do on a hot summer day.  There will be a Spelling Test on Unit 5 Memory and Pattern Words on Wednesday.

In Math the children finished Chapter 10 on Representing Data.
They learned how to read and make picture graphs, bar graphs and taly charts.  They will be having a TEST on Tuesday.  Please have your child use their flash cards at home to practice basic addition and subtraction facts to 20.  Please also have your child use the IXL Math at home to reinforce their math skills. 
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In Religion the children are learning about the seven sacraments.  They will learn that Jesus gave us the sacraments and that we celebrate God's love in the sacraments.   

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In Science the children are learning about plants.  They can identify the different parts of the plant and what each part does.  They are also learning about what all plants need to survive and the life cycle of a plant.
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In Social Studies the children are learning about maps and geography.  They are learning how to use a map key and symbols to locate places on a map.  They can identify the four cardinal directions, the seven continents and five oceans.        

The children are continuing the Second Step Program, which consists of skills for social and academic success.  In Unit 3 the children are exploring the concept of emotion management.  They will identify their own feelings by physical clues in their body, understand that feelings vary in strength and strong feelings need to be managed.  The children will learn and practice different strategies to calm down strong feelings (belly breathing, positive self talk, counting, talking to a grown-up).

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