1A Ms. Dunn

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First Grade At a Glance


The children reviewed long and short vowel sounds and the symbol for long and short vowel sounds.  They also reviewed the rule for adding ed and ing to the ends of words and when to add an s and es to make words plural.  The children will be having a Spelling Test on Unit 7 Memory and Pattern Words on Thursday.      


The children are working on Chapter 5 on Addition and Subtraction Relationships.  They are learning how to identify and record related facts (fact families), use addition to check subtraction, and using related facts to find unknown numbers.           
Please have your child use their flash cards at home to practice basic addition and subtraction facts to 10.  Also use the IXL Program at home with your child.
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The children are learning about the season of Advent.  We are sharing different ways we get ready for Jesus.  The children are also keeping track of Advent each week by coloring the candles on their own Advent Wreath.  

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We will be starting our next Unit on the Solar System.  The children will be learning about the sun, moon, and Earth. 

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Social Studies:

The children are sharing their interviews with a family member about their First Grade experience long ago.  They are comparing and contrasting their First grade experience now and long ago.        

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Other Events/Activities

The children wrote their New Year's resolution for 2018 and an acrostic poem about a snowman.                                         
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