1A Ms. Dunn

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Welcome To First Grade!

In ELA the children are finishing Unit 3 in the Superkids Program. They learned how to read words that are called long vowel trickers. They also learned a new set of contractions.  The children will read a story called "A Super Day at Happy Land" which is about the Superkids at an amusement park.  They will identify the main idea and details of the story using a graphic organizer.  

In Math the children are finishing Chapter 9 on Measurement.
They will be practicing telling time to the hour and half hour and solving word problems about time. They will also be reviewing the material they learned in the chapter to prepare for the test on Tuesday.  Please have your child use their flash cards at home to practice basic addition and subtraction facts to 10.  Please also have your child use the IXL Math at home to reinforce their math skills. 

In Religion the children will be starting the next unit called We Belong to the Church.  They will learn about belonging to a parish and understand that our parish is like a family.  The children will identify different ways their parish is like a family.  We are also practicing for our Prayer Service, which is on Wednesday at 8:30 in the auditorium.

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In Science the children are finishing the unit on light and sound waves.  They are learning about different sources of energy - electricity, fuel, and water - and how we use them.  They also learned about what gives off heat - sunlight, people, and fire.  We will be doing hands on activities with light and sound.  The children learned about translucent, transparent, and opaque.  They also understand that vibration causes sounds. 

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In Social Studies the children are starting the next unit on maps and geography.  They will understand how maps and charts can be used.  They will learn how to use a map key and symbols to locate places on a map.  The children will also learn the cardinal directions.  They will identify the continents and oceans.        

The children are continuing the Second Step Program, which consists of skills for social and academic success.  In Unit 3 the children are exploring the concept of emotion management.  They will identify their own feelings by physical clues in their body, understand that feelings vary in strength and strong feelings need to be managed.  The children will learn and practice different strategies to calm down strong feelings (belly breathing, positive self talk, counting, talking to a grown-up).

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