1A Ms. Dunn

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Welcome to First Grade!


We have completed the review of Welcome Back Superkids.  This week, we will be reviewing vowels, consonants, short vowel sounds, and the components of a complete sentence (capitalization of first word and end punctuation: period, question mark, exclamation point).  
**Test on Welcome Back Superkids on Friday.**


The children completed Chapter 1 on addition concepts and strategies.  They learned new vocabulary words:  add, sum, addend, addition sentence.  This week we will begin Chapter 2 on Subtraction Concepts.  The children will use pictures to show "taking from" and find differences.  
**Test on Chapter 1 on Tuesday.**



The children will be learning about how Jesus grew up as part of a family.  They will learn about the Holy Family and discuss ways in which their family is like the Holy Family.  

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The children are writing about activities they like to do during the Fall.  They wrote about and decorated Autumn trees.  They also identified an apple tree in all four seasons.  We will be using the skills of a scientist when we observe an apple, make predictions and record the data.   
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Social Studies:

The children will be focusing on Family Diversity.  They will be discussing the the similarities and differences and understand that each of their families is unique and special.  They will work on completing a Family Tree Project.    

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Other Events/Activities

This week we will be celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday on Sept 26th. The children will learn about his life.  They will be doing an apple activity and having apple treats.

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