1A Ms. Dunn


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                  First Grade at a Glance

We are working on Units 3 and 4 in the adventures of the Superkids program.  The children are learning new Memory and Pattern Words in each Unit.  They are learning to decode words ng, le, er, and ed. They are learning how to distinguish between reality and fantasy, categorize words, rhyming words, and identifying problem and solution.  They will also be reading various stories about the Superkids .
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We are working on Chapter 3 (Addition Strategies).  The children are working on adding in any order, counting on, adding doubles, using doubles to add, doubles plus and minus one, adding 10 and more, making a ten to add, adding three addends, and problem solving using various addition strategies.  We will also start Chapter 4 on Subtraction Strategies.  We will be using addition to help with subtraction.  

We are finishing Unit 1 on Jesus Teaches Us About God's Love.  The children are learning all about the Special Times of the Church Year, with a focus on Ordinary Time (our current Special Time).  They will be making their own flash cards to help with this.  They are also learning new Key Words (trust, commandments).  The children are identifying different ways they can show God's love and how to be a good neighbor (Samaritan) to someone in need. 
We are also beginning to work on our Nativity Play. 
We are learning about Patterns In Space.  The children are identifying the planets in our solar system.  The are learning a mnemonic to help them remember their order from the sun.  They are also learning about the various other objects in the sky and how they interact with each other.    

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We will be learning about the geography of our community in our next unit.  The children will be learning about the globe, continents, oceans and natural resources.  

We will be working on Thanksgiving  writing activities.  The children are writing about what they are thankful for on the feathers of a turkey and they will be writing about and making a scarecrow.
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