1A Ms. Dunn

                            Illustration Of The Sun With Clouds.png                                            First Grade At a Glance


The children are learning about contractions with is, am are, and will, and decoding Long Vowel Tricker words in Unit 3 of the Superkids Program.  The children are reading a story called "A Super Day at Happy Land" about the Superkids' visit to an amusement park.
There will be a Spelling Test on Thursday, April 26th on Unit 3 Long Vowel Trickers and Contractions.

The children are finishing Chapter 9 on Measurement.  They learned how to measure and compare the lengths of various objects using nonstandard units of measurement (color tiles, paperclips).   They also learned how to tell and write time to the hour and half hour on an analog and a digital clock.  There will be a TEST on Chapter 9 on Friday, April 27th.
Please have your child use their flash cards at home to practice basic addition and subtraction facts to 10.  Also use the IXL Program at home with your child.
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The children learned about the seven sacraments and that they are special signs given to us by Jesus.  They learned about what happens during each of the sacraments.  The children will be going deeper into the sacrament of Baptism by learning about the symbols and the actions of the priest in Chapter 17. 

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We are working on our Light and Sound Unit.  The children learned about energy, electricity, how shadows are made, and that heat comes from sunlight, people and fire.  They are also learning about when light does or does not travel through objects using the vocabulary words opaque, translucent, and transparent.  The children are also learning that sound is made by vibrations and sound has pitch and volume. 

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Social Studies:

The children learned about maps, cardinal and intermediate directions, continents and oceans.        


Other Events/Activities

The children will be working on their Spring writing activities.                                     
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