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    Welcome to First Grade!

    Wear Sneakers for Gym on Monday.

    Superkids- We are studying our new Memory and Pattern Words. Our new story is called The Straw Horse!  In this story, Ettabetta and Lily come across a new straw horse toy.  The horse however is missing a few important things, like his eyes!  The girls are on the hunt for the perfect set of eyes to give their new friend!



In Go Math, students are working with counting by tens.  The students were given a counting chart to keep at home for at home use and practice!  The students are also learning about grouping by tens and how to compare two numbers using the tens and ones!  
*The alligator mouth is always open toward the bigger number!*

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In Religion, we are learning about the goodness of Jesus as a friend, and the Lord's prayer.  

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Science - We are learning about the interesting phenomenon of light and sound.  Students will learn about this through various tools such as worksheets, writing materials, and educational videos!

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Social Studies- ​We are learning about the branches of government and how each one functions.  The students will be learning through a variety of writing materials and visuals provided by the teacher in class! 
Little Boy.png2nd Step Program 

 This program focuses on empathy in the next unit. Empathy is being able to identify and understand the thoughts and feelings of others. Empathy encourages us to become more aware of our actions regarding our classmates. It helps us to be
sensitive and sensible where people are concerned.  

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     Extra Help- Tuesday & Thursday mornings.

Tuesday - we will be reviewing counting and grouping by tens.  The students will have review of counting sequences of counting by ones or counting by tens.  We will also review writing a number by correctly putting the digits into their correct place-values.

Thursday- We are focusing on reading rules being taught in Super kids this week.  In decoding a CVVC word, or consonant-vowel-vowel-consonant word, the first vowel says its name while the other supports it!  We will also build upon the student's reading fluency and decoding!

All my very best,
Ms. LaBarbera