Christina Teisch

My dedication to elementary education has been a life-long passion. My early career as a teacher of students in grades five through eight at St. Anastasia School gave me an appreciation for middle school learners.

The past 23 years as an elementary school principal at St. Anastasia School and St. Thomas the Apostle School has enriched my perspective on all types of learners of all ages. The acquisition of knowledge by emerging learners is a pleasure to witness. The wonder and awe demonstrated by the youngest learners transforms to a sophistication of questioning and challenging information for the students as they progress through the grades.

Encouraging and promoting these learning experiences is what has motivated me to continually seek opportunities to enrich the school setting for my students. I truly love being a principal!
 I excitedly embrace my new principalship at St. Joseph School and look forward to new adventures with the children entrusted to me.

Christina Teisch

Bachelor of Science Elementary Education
Masters of Science Administration and Supervision 
SAS (State School Administrator and Supervisor) Certification