Middle School

St. Joseph Middle School students excel in academics, take on leadership roles, and grow spiritually, socially and intellectually.  Our small, caring and rigorous learning environment affords our students the opportunities to grow in academics, athletics and character.
Our graduates are well prepared for the challenges of Catholic high school. We are proud to say that 100% of our graduates are accepted to the Catholic high school of their choice.

Our Middle School Experience includes:

PATHWAYS  is an exciting and unique program offered at St. Joseph School for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades.  The program offers a variety of unique learning opportunities to enhance students’ real-world knowledge and individual growth.  Each semester students pick one field of study, from a compelling range of creative workshops taught by experts in their field. Our Pathways instructors have included college professors, artists, finance professionals, physicians, and attorneys. 

Science and Technology
Law and Business

Religion and Community Involvement


Courses selections that have been offered, include: Mini Medical School, The Art of Negotiation, How to Succeed in Business, Healthy Eating,  Latin, Baking, Computer Building, Shakespeare, Computer Programming, Chess, The Stock Market Game, Robotics,  Scenic Design, Photography, Carpentry, Behind the Altar, Jewelry Design, and The Art of Light and Shading.  Each semester new and varied courses are rotated into the schedule. 

Drama Club

Students in grades 6, 7 & 8 are encouraged to join our Drama Club.  Students typically practice twice a week from January to March followed by an evening performance. Previous productions have included Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , The Poisoned Apple (an adaptation of Sleeping Beauty), The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast  and Peter Pan

Math 9

Students are selected to participate in our Math 9 class in lieu of Math 8. The criteria for acceptance includes state test scores, the Iowa standardized test scores, report card grades and teacher input. Upon completion, students take the Math 9 Regents. The successful score on this exam affords them the opportunity to enter Math 10 as freshmen in high school.                                                  

Mock Trial
Students in grades 7 & 8 are selected to study under the guidance of an attorney in the tenets of the legal system. This study of a case prepares the students for the experience of presenting themselves as the prosecution and the defense at St. John's University Law School before a judge competing against other Catholic school students.

Students in grades 6,7 & 8 are given the opportunity to publish the School Newspaper, The Scribe. 

Students conduct interviews, write the copy, edit and publish the newspaper.  The Scribe will be offered in digital content as well as print form.

Student Council
Students in grades 4 through 8 comprise our Student Council.  The President is elected from 8th grade, the Vice President from 7th grade,the Secretary from the 6th grade and the Treasurer from the 5th grade.  Each class also elects a representative to be a member of the Council.  Our Student Council oversees our monthly collection for Estiven, our sponsored child from South America.  They also hold food drives, diaper/baby wipe collections, participate in Operation Christmas Child, along with many other service projects.

Technology Club
Our student techs in grade 8, assist in the computer labs.  They help update computers (if needed), turn them on each morning and support the needs that arise in the labs on a daily basis.

Soccer: Students in grades 6,7 & 8 are invited to join our Soccer Teams.  We are a member of the Catholic Middle School Athletic Association.  Our boys and girls teams play both home and away games, competing against catholic schools across Long Island.

Students in grades 6,7 & 8 are eligible to join the Basketball Teams. As a member or the Catholic Middle School Athletic Association, our boys and girls teams play several times a week against other catholic schools in our area.  

 NEW THIS YEAR! We are excited to announce that SJS will field its first ever volleyball team to compete against other local Catholic middle schools. Tryouts will occur in January for the spring season.

 Science Fair
Our students in grades 6, 7 & 8 participate in our Science Fair, which takes place in March.  Projects are completed using the Scientific Method: developing a hypothesis, asking questions, gathering data and drawing conclusions. 
Students in all grades, along with parents, are invited to view the projects to come and see what our students have investigated.


Math Bee
Every year, during Catholic Schools Week, the 6, 7 & 8 grade students participate in the Math Bee.  Trials are held in the classroom and three students are picked from each class to participate in the Math Bee.  Mental math problems are given to the students and they are challenged to solve these problems in a short period of time.  Trophies are awarded to the first, second and third place winners.