Ms. LaBarbera ~ Middle School Library

Hello My Name Is Ms. LaBarbera and I am the Middle School Librarian at St. Joe's!

I teach grades 5th - 8th in library classes.  Once a week I meet with each class and we build upon the previous class and prior knowledge to better understand what it means to be information literate.  

My classes are run in an interactive and community-driven style where I allow all students to express their ideas and opinions on matters.

Connect to my Google Classroom using the codes below!!
5A ~ du0h6b8
5B ~ sopz4w
6 ~ opbcge
7 ~ n9eg5y
8 ~ zyjq0x2

Please remember to utilize the databases and resources I provided for you on my webpage (These may be found under the "Ms. LaBarbera's Webpage" tab).  Once you allow the access through the Novelty Access link, the databases are open for exploration!  My webpage also contains the educational online games that are utilized by the classroom teachers!!