5B Mrs. Barberesi

Open House, Sunday, January 27th: Trouble At Jamestown Play - Performance in Mrs. Barberesi's classroom at 10:30. If your child is participating, please have him/her in my room by 10:15. Thank you! Below is the list of children who have volunteered to participate: 

1 LeeLee Gaffney


2 Christopher Leigh

Powhatan’s Men,

3 Sofia Gonzalez


4 Keron Faustin


5 Sybel Georges

Albert, Queen Anne

6 Cameron Gilford

Powhatan’s Men

7 Lucy Ryan

John Smith

8 Maddie Brown

Settler 2

9    Gabbie Marchese


10 Mairead Serkes



11 Rosie Badchkam

Settler 3

12 Brooke McGovern

Settler 1

13 Cecilia Santos

Settler 4

14 Quinlan Peters


15  Riana Badchkam


16 Emma Wagner


17 Kennedy Abrahams

Lady - in- Waiting

18. Joseph Delmas

John Rolfe

Please note: I will supervise your child during the time he/she is in my classroom. I will be unable to monitor your child otherwise, as I am suppose to stay in my classroom. Please arrange a time for pick up with your child if you are dropping off and not staying for the open house. Thank you.

Attention Parents: Please note: I strongly believe that an established partnership with parents is crucial to support student learning. Please feel free to contact me any time. sbarberesi5589@st-josephschool.com 


Your children have been given online access to their Journeys textbook. Below is the website: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ They have all been given their logins and passwords. Here they can access both Journeys and Go Math


5th Grade ELA: *Directions and info for Biography Project, Report and Oral Presentation has been posted on Google Classroom. Weekly Lab periods from now until Feb. 25th will be used to work on the written report. Due Date is Feb. 25 Grammar Test Unit One Friday, January 25 Lion, Witch, Wardrobe Test Friday, January 25 ( Up to Chapter 9) _______________________________________________________ 5th Grade SS


We are continuing to work on Chapter 3. A Chapter 3 exam will be next week (week of January 28th date TBA)


_________________________________________________________ 6th Grade ELA: Students are expected to have the following in class daily (notebook or loose-leaf section for ELA, pen, pencil, highlighter, A Wrinkle in Time and their chromebook. In addition the following should also be in class on the given days Mondays - Cold Reads book, Vocabu-Lit Tuesdays - Vocabu-Lit - to go over lesson from Monday, and bring A Wrinkle in Time. Wednesdays - Thursdays bring A Wrinkle in Time. Literature Homework -

1 - Continue working on A Wrinkle in time chapter questions for chapters 1 - 7, found on Google Classroom

2 - Read a Wrinkle in Time - up to the end of Chapter 7. We will not read together in class, we will discuss Chapter 6 - 7, and go over the Chapter questions for those chapters. The next chapter we will read together will be Ch. 8.

3. A Wrinkle in Time Digital Interactive Notebook - also found on Google Classroom - finish up to slide 17 ELA TEST ON WRINKLE IN TIME THIS WEEK - Thursday, January 24th

​_______________________________________________________ ​6th Grade SS -
SS Topic 4. Assignments will be given daily and posted on Google Classroom Chart comparing features of river valley civilizations: due Feb. 7 Travel brochure for river valley civilizations due:Feb. 14th