5B Mrs. Barberesi

Book Report Presentations are this week. Study for
Quiz- Vocab. and Spelling - November 15th Test - Nov. 16th- Test will cover: "3 Off and Running," and "Vote for Me!"

5th Grade ELA

1. Study Target Vocabulary for "Off and Running" found on Google Classroom, in the provided Quizlet

2. Study the following spelling words: 
sign, groan, reply, thrown, strike, mighty, stroll, compose, dough, height, excite, apply, slight, define, odor, spider, control, silent, brighten, approach.

_______________________________________________________ 5th Grade SS See Google Classroom for Age of Exploration Interactive Assignment. There you will find a Google slideshow and an interactive student workbook. This assignment will be worked on in class and at home. This assignment is due on Nov. 21st. To be submitted on Google Classroom. Please encourage your child to show you this assignment.
_________________________________________________________ 6th Grade ELA 1. Re-Read "Knots in My yo-yo String" pages 50 - 61 2. Study Target Vocabulary pages 46-47 in Journeys Textbook and on the Quizlet on Google Classroom 3. Bring Vocabul- Lit to class all week
4. Read Sporty Poetry page. 66-69 68. Write a poem about a sport you enjoy. Try a poem about a team deprived of a win, going grimly home, Write about scholastic athlete who has employed a tricky move to score. Any idea will do! ​_______________________________________________________ ​6th Grade SS - Revision - SS Test has been changed to Nov. 21st ​Topics: ​Civilizations and Peoples of the Fertile Crescent ​Test Pages 40 - 91.