PreK C Mrs. Noonan
Dear Parents,

 Happy November!!

This month we will continue with our study of the letters and numbers.  We will also focus on family, being thankful and the first Thanksgiving.  

Reading - We have started our Happily Ever After reading series and the children did very well on the Little Red Riding Hood story. We will continue writing our letters, learning their sounds and the letter songs as well as the sign language for the letter and some words that start with that letter.

Science - We will use sensory bins to trace the letters of the week and numbers.  We will also find classroom objects that begin with each letter.

Math - We will continue to study two and three color patterns.  We will review last week's number and introduce the new number for the week. We will trace, print and count using the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Social Studies - We will begin discussing who the Pilgrims were and the first Thanksgiving. We will learn songs and fingerplays.

Projects this week: Pilgrim Bonnets, Hats and Indian Headdress, Cornucopia of God's Colors as well as a Thankful Placement Mat.

Dates to Remember:

Parish Party - Oct. 17
Thanksgiving/Vacation  - Nov. 21 Half Day
                                    Nov. 22 Happy Thanksgiving
                                    Nov. 23 No School

Parents Workshop#2 - Nov. 27