Mission and Belief Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Joseph School is to provide an encouraging and challenging environment that fosters the intellectual, personal and religious formation of our students, an environment in which they grow to achieve their full potential, becoming responsible individuals, strong in understanding and practicing their faith, and lifelong learners with 21st century skills. SJS offers a curriculum that addresses the development of the whole person, presented in a learning program that stresses high levels of student engagement.

We are dedicated to creating a faith community that witnesses compassion and respect for every person, demonstrated in service to the local and wider community, while promoting the physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth of each child. 


St. Joseph School believes in the inherent dignity of each human individual, each formed in the image of God. 

We believe a knowledge of, and a personal relationship with, Jesus Christ gives meaning and purpose to our lives.

We believe that Catholic School education develops the whole person spiritually, ethically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

We believe in embracing cultural diversity reflective of the world in which our students live and work.

We believe in an active learning environment in which all students are encouraged and challenged to develop their natural talents and potential.

We believe in the ongoing professional development and assessment of our Faculty and Administration.

We believe that our school is an integral part of the parish community of faith and service as well as part of the local and global community.

We believe that Catholic School education is a shared responsibility of the school, the student, the family and the parish community.