PreK B Mrs. Lynch



Week of June 10th
Math -   We will continue using different math manipulatives to count and show the numerals 0 - 20.  We will use Playdough to make and show the value of the numerals 0 - 20.   We will also trace and write  numerals  0 - 20.  We will work in small groups counting and showing the numeral amounts.  We will also work on several number skill games.

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Reading - .  We will review letters Y and Z while also reviewing the entire alphabet. We will also continue working on our sight words. 

Social Studies - We will continue working on identifying states on our globe and on our United States of America map.

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Religion -  We will  continue working on our religion magazine. 

Science -    We will continue  learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.  We will complete our beautiful butterflies that we made and take them home.
Project -  We will continue working on our Father's Day project.