Ms. LaBarbera ~ AIS

Hello! I am Ms. LaBarbera and I am the Academic Intervention Services teacher at St. Joseph's School.  This is my third year working at St. Joe's and my second year in the AIS position.  Many may recognize me as the Drama Directer as well! 


My goals for AIS is that any student who may be experiencing difficulties with ELA or Math core skills, I can offer tools and support to help them improve.  The atmosphere I set for all of my students is school as a safe place to learn and grow as individuals.

Students who work with me will be granted the independent, one-on-one guidance in their most challenging subject area in the classroom as to not miss any important instruction from the main teacher.  The reason for push-in style teaching is that it allows me to co-teach with the classroom teacher, as well as build off of the lesson being taught.  The students are not isolated or taken out of their atmosphere, therefore limiting the anxiety of being offered additional support.

If you need to contact me, you may email me at:

or you may call St. Joseph's School and they can direct you to my office phone. 

Let's work together and allow our students to be the best person and intellectual they can be!