1A Ms. Dunn

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         First Grade at a Glance


We are working on Units 3 and 4 in the Superkids Program.  The children are learning new Memory and Pattern Word with aw and all, Long Trickers, and Contractions with is, are, am, and will in these Units.  They are learning homophones their, there, they're, your, you're, two, to and too.    They are also learning how to identify main idea and supporting details, categorize words, recognize plot, and determine cause and effect.  They are reviewing antonyms, synonyms and multiple meaning words.  The stories they are reading is "A Super Day at Happy Land", "Play Ball!",  and "Rex King's Visit." 

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We are working on Chapter 10 Represent Data.  The children will be learning how to read and make picture graphs, bar graphs, and tally charts.  They will also be learning how to identify the parts of a graph (title, key) and how to solve problem situations using the strategy make a graph.  We will then start working on the next chapter on Three Dimensional Geometry where the children will learn how to identify, describe, and make three- dimensional shapes (cube, cone, rectangular prism, sphere, cylinder).   
At this time the children should also be able to demonstrate fluency for addition and subtraction within 10. Please continue using Flash Cards at home to help with this.  Please use the IXL Program as well.

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We are continuing to work on Unit 3 on We Belong to the Church.  The children will be learning new Key Words: parish, worship, pastor, and sacrament.  They will be learning about the parish community and its activities.  They will identify the parish as being like a family.  They will also be learning that we celebrate God's love in the sacraments, which were given to us by Jesus.  The children will learn about and be able to identify the seven sacraments with pictures.  

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We are continuing to learn about how living things are alike and different.  The children learned ways to group living things.  They can identify the two main plant groups:  plants with flowers and plants without flowers.  They will also be learning the parts of a plant and their functions and the stages in the life cycle of a plant.  The children will also be planting their own bean seeds, which they will be observing each day.  They will also be learning about the different animal groups (reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds, fish, and insects) and the life cycle of animals.  

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We are continuing to learn about Life Today and Long Ago.  The children can explain the words past, present and future and understand how clocks and calendars measure time.  They will also compare and contrast life in schools, places people work, clothes and manners of today with the past.  The children can also explain how people's lives have been changed over time by inventions and technology.  The children will also be learning about what we celebrate on Memorial Day and why.

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The children wrote adjectives to describe a large lollipop that they created.  They will be writing a poem about the spring and creating a science poster that  identifies the parts of a plant.  We will also be working on Mother's Day activities.                           


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