KA Mrs. Conte

Vintage Illustration Of An Australian Grass Parakeet.jpg

Happy Spring!  I believe this wonderful season has finally arrived.   The Superkids have formed a club, a place where they can hang out and have fun together!  The kids are taking turns being Supernoodles, the boss.  So far we have gone on a scavenger hunt with Cass and Oswald took us on a picnic.  Golly got hurt and had to visit the vet for a gut on his leg.  In math we have been learning about shapes, 2 and 3 dimensional.  Our literature unit is all about animals, where they live and what they need to survive.  We know that all animals are gifts from God, he wants us to protect them and care for the. 

Tuesday  Gym, Library and Spanish
Wednesday  Music
Thursday  Art  
Friday  Field Trip

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