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Dear Parents:

As you are already aware, we are working on our cereal box house.  The children drew blueprints, we sorted and graphed boxes. Then we began construction by counting, measuring and taping each row together which then became a wall which became a house and this is the house that Pre-K built. The children are enjoying playing in our newly constructed home away from home.  The finishing touches are being added as the children want to enhance the constructions with mailboxes windows and flowers. The children are working very hard and deserve your praise. Thank you again, for all your contributions of cereal boxes (We no longer will be collecting them).

In March we will continue our celebrations of the season, numbers 10-20, Space and health.  All the children are making tremendous progress since our 1st encounter in September.  We recognize 8 colors, 12 shapes, numbers 1-20, and the letters in our 1st and last names and the Alphabet.

We are working on knowing our birthdays, phone number and addresses.  We will continue working on our self reliance skill and everyone can put on their own coat most can zipper. Our fine motor cutting and coloring skills are also progressing nicely, keep up the good work.  

March will continue to be full of little surprises.  I bet you can’t wait for some new artwork for the refrigerator gallery.  A fun time will be had by all.


Mrs. Leonenko and Mrs Joyce

PS. Please check out the St. Joseph Website and our photo gallery

Dates to Remember

March 1st Early Dismissal

March 15th St. Patrick’s Day Carnival

March 18th No School-Professional Day

March 26th   Evening Conferences ( See Schedule)

March 27th Early Dismissal Afternoon Conferences (See Schedule)