Mrs. Mulderrig

     March Newsletter N-3

Mrs. Mulderrig

We hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful winter break. It's beginning to look a lot like springtime and we have much to share with you and your family. We are also hoping… no more snow! Mr. Groundhog did not see his shadow; hopefully we will enjoy our outdoor playground soon.

February was our red and pink month. We are sure that you enjoyed those special heartfelt messages of love and our fantastic Valentine's Day performance. We have some very talented little singers and dancers.

March is a LUCKY  green month with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner. The class will be searching for a pot of gold, and creating green projects. Don’t forget to put our school annual St. Patrick’s Day Carnival on your calendars.  March 15th


This is a family event and children must be accompanied by an adult.

We DO NOT visit the Carnival as a class.

I must reiterate how important routines are in the development of our young  children. We all recognize the importance of routines at home and at school. Repetition is the core of learning. Calendar time is the same everyday. It includes counting, recognizing days, months, alphabet letters, and our morning message. Our MORNING MESSAGE will be changing. Every month we will add a new sentence. By now, every family should have a morning message posted somewhere in their home. Please allow your children to proudly demonstrate their skills by reading and identifying letters and sight words. Enjoy watching and listening to your emerging reader. This routine will continue throughout the remainder of the school year

We continue practicing our workshop tasks: Holding a pencil
Doing complex puzzles
Recognizing their written name
Counting Bears (mastering one to one correlation)
Making Patterns
Tracing Shapes
Recognizing continuing patterns

Cutting with Scissors (fine motor skills)

New Workshop Tasks: Writing our Names

Smart T.V. activities

Mixing colors


Every Monday is gym day, please remember to wear sneakers.

Early Dismissal at 11:15 am, on March 1st, Friday

School Closed March 18th, Teacher Professional Day

St Patrick’s Day Carnival March 15th

Wednesday, March 27- 11:15- Early Dismissal

Parent Teacher Conferences (day 12:00- 2:45)

Thursday, March 26- Parent Teacher Conferences  

(evening 6:00-8:00 pm)

Remember the greatest gift we can give our children is reading to them every day.