Mrs. Mulderrig

   JUNE NEWSLETTER    N-3 2018


I am truly blessed to be part of this special time in the lives of your children. These formative years are so important and special. I thank you for your support and trust in caring and educating the class of 2018.

My goal as an educator is to engage, empower, and inspire.  I want to encourage active participation using all the tools available. It is important to create a caring environment to insure that all the children participate. Having high expectations for all students; my mission is to have the children work hard toward the goals, successful in all content areas, and fostering a love for reading and learning. My greatest success is their success.

I believe we have had a tremendously successful year. Take a walk down memory lane to those first days of school. Some crying, some shaking, and some just frightened. We can all agree it is so different now!  The class loves their school, their classmates, and the many activities we have here at St. Joseph’s School. I encourage you to keep the momentum going.  Practice the calendar, practice the morning message and most importantly read to your child every day.

Currently, we are having lots of fun in our playground. We all enjoyed having snacks outside on picnic blankets.  We all took home bean seeds and watched them burst open and grow right in our windows at home. I was especially proud of everyone serving tea and cakes to their Moms and performing so well at our Mother’s Day Tea.

I am very excited about graduation. Everyone has learned new songs and creative dance moves. Be sure to invite everyone to share this special time in your children’s lives.  By now you have all received an invitation, one of many keepsakes of this year.

Classes will continue through Wednesday, June 13

‚Äč Our Moving up Ceremony is Friday,  June 15th at 9:00 in our school auditorium.

Drop your child at classroom at 8:45 and proceed to auditorium. This will allow us time to get your little stars ready.

We will continue the Graduation Celebration in our classroom with some refreshments and good-byes.

I wish you and your families a peaceful summer filled with love and laughter.


               Mrs. Mulderrig and Mrs. McManus