It is the responsibility of the parents/guardian to arrange transportation to St. Joseph School with the school district of residence. Garden City Public School District provides transportation to and from St. Joseph School for all those children residing within its district. The school district does not allow children from one bus route to go home with children on a different bus. In case of emergencies, the bus company must be contacted. Information regarding bus stops will be printed in the Garden City News before September, or calls may be made to the bus garage at 483-9297 during the last week of August. In order to maintain safety and punctuality for all children who ride the buses between school and home, we request the cooperation of all parents in helping their children to understand and observe the following rules of conduct: • Be at the bus stop on time • Respect private property at and near your bus stop • Go directly to your seat; remain seated until the bus stops • Fasten your seat belts • Do not put books and other items in the aisle of the bus • Recognize the authority of the bus driver; do not distract him/her in any way • Keep hands, arms, and head inside bus • Avoid shouting, pushing, shoving, and annoying behavior • Do not touch any part of the bus as it pulls away from you after you get off • Walk at least ten feet ahead of the bus when the driver is holding traffic for you to cross. The school, school districts and bus companies reserve the right to suspend a student from riding a school bus for disorderly or disrespectful conduct. A student may not ride any bus except the bus assigned by the school district. The school has no jurisdiction in this matter. If a student is entitled to bus transportation, he/she must take the bus unless other provisions have been made previously. The school office must be informed of this change in writing. At dismissal time, a team of teachers will supervise all bus students as the students board their buses.