Regulations and Procedures

Students gather in the schoolyard when they arrive at school. Students may not be in the schoolyard before 7:45 A.M. When the eight o'clock bell rings, students enter the building with their teachers and proceed to their homerooms. In September, students in kindergarten go immediately to the gym where a faculty member will be available to supervise them. Kindergarten students will join the rest of the school in the schoolyard later in the year. On rainy/snowy days, students in grades 2 (old building), 3, 4 and 5 will gather in the cafeteria. Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 will proceed to their homerooms. Students in kindergarten and first grade(new building), will report to the gym. Lateness Students entering the building after the 8:00 A.M. bell rings will be issued a late pass to present to their homeroom teacher ATTENDANCE Regular and punctual attendance at school is essential to each child's continuous intellectual, social and psychological growth. Education is a long range, sequential process and is hampered by unnecessary absence or frequent tardiness. The New York State Education Law states that absence from school for the following reasons is excusable: personal sickness, death or sickness in the family, impassable roads or weather making travel unsafe, religious observance, quarantine, approved educational trips, required presence in court, attendance at organized clinics, health treatment, and approved cooperative work programs. Absence for any other reason is held illegal and must be so marked on the pupil's official record. If your child will not be in attendance at school on a specific day, kindly phone the school health office, (516) 294-9780, by 9:00 A.M. Parents/guardians are to inform the school of any absence by giving their child a note for their homeroom teacher, which is presented the day the student returns to school. This note, signed by the parents/guardians, should give the date(s) and reason for the absence. Parents/guardians wishing to have their children excused early from school are to inform the class teacher in writing. The child's parent/guardian must report to the school office, sign the release book, and accompany the student out of the building Vacations should be planned to coincide with the school calendar; if this is not adhered to, the absence will be recorded as an illegal absence. The school will not prepare in advance, assignments for students who are illegally absent from school or be responsible for providing extra help for students who have missed lessons because of family vacations. DISMISSAL All students will report to their assigned lines at the 2:10 P.M. bell. The students go to the buses with their bus teacher. If your child is a bus student and you are picking your child up from school, please send a note TO THE BUS TEACHER. Your child will line up at the end of the day with the bus line and then be brought to you by the bus teacher on the Fourth Street side of the building. Your child will not come out on the walker line. In this way, the bus teacher is responsible for each child on his/her bus. Walkers will come out after the buses have left. Please do not allow your child to cross in the middle of the street. All children must walk to the corner and be crossed by the crossing guard. We will not accept the responsibility of children running across the street to a parked car. Parents/guardians of walkers are requested not to come into the schoolyard to pick up their children. The children will be walked to the curb. If your child is a bus student and he/she rides a bicycle to school on any given day, a note must be given to the bus teacher who will walk him/her over to the bicycle rack after the buses have been dismissed. If he/she is a walker, a note still must be presented to the walker teacher who will dismiss them with the walkers. EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSINGS Emergency school closings will be listed on the St. Joseph web site as soon as the information is received from the Garden City Public School District. It will also be announced on Channel 12 News. St. Joseph School follows the closing of the Garden City School District. If the District is closed, we will be also. If you live in another district that closes when we do not, you may have no bus transportation to school. If Garden City has a two-hour delayed opening, we will also have a delayed opening. VISITORS All visitors to St. Joseph School are asked to check in at the receptionist's desk where they will receive a "visitor's pass". Parent volunteers must sign in and obtain a “volunteer” badge. Parents are not permitted to be in a classroom without the expressed permission of the teacher and/or Principal. All parent teacher conferences are to be held prior to or at the end of the school day. Parents are requested not to engage a teacher in conversation during the time the teacher is supervising the children. VOLUNTEERS All school volunteers are required to participate in the Diocesan Child Protection Screening process. A form (available in the school office) is to be completed to process a screening. No adult may supervise a program or event at St. Joseph School without registering as a volunteer and completing the screening process. TEXTBOOKS Students are responsible for loaned textbooks from their school district and school library books. All textbooks must be covered and returned at the end of the school year. Students are responsible for lost or damaged books. PHONE CALLS Students are not allowed to call home for forgotten items. Children should be reminded to pack up for school the night before. This helps build a sense of responsibility in each student. In urgent situations, an exception may be considered by the administration. CELL PHONES It is understood that many parents wish their child to carry a cell phone for emergency use. If a child brings a cell phone to school, it must be kept in the child’s backpack during the day. Cell phone use is never permitted during school hours. If a cell phone rings during the day, the phone will be taken away from the child and a parent/guardian will be responsible for picking it up at the office. If you need to leave a message for your child, please call the school office. ELECTRONICS The following items are not permitted in school or for use in the schoolyard: hand-held games iPods beepers CD players The school is not responsible for any electronic item brought to the school. PARKING Parking is not permitted in the school parking lot at any time during school hours. Please park on the south side of Fourth Street. The north side of Fourth Street (immediately in front of the school) is reserved for school buses. Please carefully read the posted parking signs. At dismissal, please do not make a U-turn on Fourth Street after the buses have left. Not only does this present a dangerous situation, but often a curb bus may be late and then there is no place for the bus to stop to pick up the children. The children will be walked to the corner where they will be crossed by the crossing guard.