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Let It Begin With Me

      "Let the Peace from Christ rule in your heart..." Colossians 3:15

Dear Parents,

We continue with our standardized tests this week with the administration of the Iowa Testing Program. The areas of Reading, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Word Analysis, Listening, Math, Computation, and Problem Solving comprise the key areas of the testing module. The results offers us a diagnostic view of how our students are progressing in these key academic areas. This data can be used to drive curricular decisions and create effective instructional programs.

The only preparation your child needs for these tests is a good night's sleep and a balanced breakfast.

We are excited to welcome our FLASH Program back to St. Joseph's School with a substantial enrollment of our students participating!
CATS and HOOPS begins this week!

On Thursday, October 15th our Come Grow With Me presentation will include our 5th through 8th grade teachers in their classrooms to share their curriculum, materials, state standards overview, goals, expectations, and class profile. I invite all my 5th through 8th grade parents to attend to visit all your child's teachers to learn about your child's educational journey for this year!

The various programs and extra-curricula activities that define St. Joseph School will be on display for your perusal and investigation!
Come See What Makes Us Special!
Many changes from the hard copy calendar occur! Please check the calendar on our website for all current events, additions and changes!


Mrs. Christina Teisch

...We are a peaceful people guided by our Lord's peace. Who will you share your peace with today?

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events



The Come Grow With Us evening presentation will include grades 5 through 8 teachers presenting their curriculum outlines for instruction as well as the traditional junior high extra-curricular programs.

The Early Childhood Open House will be October 20,21,&22 from 9:30-11AM.

Our N, Pre-K and K Halloween Parade on October 29th will include grades 1 & 2 this year!

Our grades 1,2,3 Christmas Concert on December 15th will include grades 4&5 this year.

Our 7th & 8th grade Christmas Concert/Nativity will include grade 6 this year.

Gentle Reminders

Experienced Band Grades 4-8 Mondays After School
3PM Pickup Sharp
A+Shopping at Stop and Shop affords our school funding! Please support this fundraiser!

We extend our Christian Heart to our friend in South America, Estiven. Support this effort on the 10th of every month.

We collect Campbell soup labels. Send in to the school office.

Keeping on Track....  

Soccer Practice & Game Schedule

No practice Wed. 10/7
Practice Tuesday 10/6 and Thursday 10/8

Girls Team

1.  Thursday October 15th at 4PM vs. Kellenberg  (home-GCCP)
2.  Monday October 19th at 3:30PM vs. St. Agnes (away Tighe Field)
3.  Co-ed game Friday November 6th at 4PM vs. Long Beach Catholic
                            (away Long Beach Recreation Center)

Boys Team
1.  Wed. October 7th at 3:45PM vs. Our Lady of Peace (home-GCCP)
2.  Monday October 19th at 4:30PM vs. St. Agnes (away Tighe Field)
3. Thursday October 22nd at 3:45PM vs. Our Lady of Peace (away)
4. Co-ed game Friday November 6th at 4PM vs. Long Beach Catholic
                                (away Long Beach Recreation Center)